Titans leaves us wondering where Krypto and Superboy are while Gar is being experimented on

Titans -- Ep. 209 -- "Atonement" -- Photo Credit: Brendan Adam-Zwelling / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Titans -- Ep. 209 -- "Atonement" -- Photo Credit: Brendan Adam-Zwelling / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

In the latest episode of Titans, E.L._.O., we watch as Gar gets experimented on at Cadmus labs, but where are Krypto and Superboy during all of this.

When it comes to the Titans, there is a lot of drama and dissension among the group, but in the latest episode, E.L._.O., we finally saw some of the team come together. And yet, with Dick still in jail (and deathly ill it seems), Jason off with Rose  (who was apparently working with Deathstroke the whole time), and Gar, Superboy, and Krypto in the clutches of Cadmus Labs, too many members of the team are basically in danger.

However, even with everything we saw this episode, our biggest question is where are Krypto and Superboy. We watched as Gar was experimented on, his brain opened up and manipulated, and yet not even a mention of Krypto or Superboy (except when Bruce Wayne mentions Conner and Gar to the ladies).

The thing is that if they are poking into Gar’s brain, what are they doing to Conner and Krypto? And the fact that we saw nothing about these two at Cadmus while they were experimenting on Gar definitely has us worried. This is especially true when you think about how they were taken and the fact that they were ready to dispose of Krypto even then.

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At this point, the Titans may not be a team, but if anyone is going to be able to save Gar, Krypto, and Conner, it will be them (we hope). And hopefully they are able to reverse whatever Cadmus has done to Gar, especially turning him into a sleeper assassin.

With only a few episodes left in Season 2 of Titans, there is not a lot of time left for everyone to come back together as a team. While we have hope for a win, at this point we don’t know what to expect for any of our heroes. We are so worried about every member of this team, but at this point, we are even more concerned about the missing members of the team, Krypto and Conner.

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What did you think of this episode of Titans? Are you worried about Krypto, Conner, and Gar? What do you think will happen next? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.