Dogs can help us all live longer lives

Forget the Fountain of Youth! It turns out that it is actually our dogs that are going to help us live longer lives, according to a new study.

As dog lovers, we already know that our pups make us feel younger and more alive. But, according to a new study, it seems that our dogs really are helping people live longer lives. So forget that mythical Fountain of Youth, it looks like it is our pooches that help extend our time on this Earth.

In a report from Bustle, they explain that this study has actually been ongoing for years with research going back as far as 1950. And while the initial study was all about determining whether or not dogs really could help reduce the risk of people developing cardiovascular disease, what they found was much more encompassing.

Not only can owning a dog help reduce your cardiovascular risks, and improve your overall heart health, but being a dog owner “is associated with reducing your risk of dying from any cause.” And that is huge news for dog lovers, as it seems to mean that dogs really are the Fountain of Youth that explorers have been searching for over the centuries.

According to the study published in the American Heart Association Journal, owning a dog (or dogs) is “associated with a 24% risk reduction for all-cause mortality” versus those people who do not have a dog of their own. That is not to say that owning dogs your entire life is going to make you immortal, but it certainly will help based on this study and its findings.

But it is not just the fact that our dogs help us live longer that makes them the perfect form of medicine, it is also the fact that they improve the overall quality of our lives. After all, quality of life is just as important as quantity of life.

Dogs have already proven that they reduce our stress levels, plus they are also great at helping us interact with more people. Our pups help reduce anxiety and depression, and basically they are the perfect companion as they offer unconditional love and support.

Being dog owners can transform our lives in the best ways possible. And truthfully, owning a pup can have lasting effects on who we are as people.

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Are you surprised that dogs can help us live longer lives? Why do you think our pups are so important to our health? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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