Posh Paws Company gives dog lovers fancy loungewear for pups and people

Clothing for dogs is nothing new, and neither is matching outfits for pups and people. But thanks to the Posh Paws Company your Instagram will shine, as you and your pup rock fancy loungewear.

When it comes to wearing matching outfits with your pup, there really isn’t anything new about this idea. Last year, Target actually offered an entire family collection of Christmas pajamas that included our dogs. But when it comes to Instagram worthy matching outfits, the Posh Paws Company is here to make our social media shine.

Over on Etsy, the UK-based Posh Paws Company produces individually handmade accessories and clothing for dogs, but that’s not all, as they also make matching loungewear for human and pup alike. This means that if you want to get cozy with your pup, and both of you look good, this is the company that has you covered.

While the dog accessories and clothing the company offer are all fancy enough to make your pup an Instagram star all on their own, we have to admit to loving the Posh Paws Company’s matching loungewear. There is something so fancy about their offerings, that it actually has us wanting to snag a set of our own.

Thanks to Cosmopolitan Magazine for sharing this awesomeness with the world, as now we have the most elegant collection we have ever seen. From matching robes that are super soft and fleecy, to satin pajamas, every option the company offers on Etsy is a step above the usual fare we find when trying to not only dress up our pups, but also find a way to match them.

Even though the sizes for the pups goes up to an XXL, the reality is that these outfits are more geared towards smaller to medium size dogs. And even the XXL won’t be large enough for a dog like a Chow Chow or Labrador Retriever. However, that being said, the company does do custom orders, and can do a piece based on your pups own measurements.

And for the human options, it is typically the lounge pants that match the pup’s clothing, and then the top typically works with whatever pant design it is. You can even customize the top, which is an added bonus.

Whether you want to match your pup or just dress them up to look their best, there are plenty of options to make sure your dog puts their best paw forward. And luckily, you won’t break the bank while also making sure your pup looks snazzy.

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What do you think of dressing your pup up? How do you feel about matching outfits for you and your dog? Would you give the Posh Paws Company a chance, either with one of their pre-made options or a special order? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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