Dog owners prefer to kiss their pups over their partners

We all know that dog owners love their pups. But did you know that they are more likely to kiss their dogs over their own partners?

When it comes to our love of dogs, many of us can admit that we are a bit obsessed with our pups (and we are okay with it). But as dog owners, it seems that we are also a lot more affectionate with our four-legged friends than we are with our own partners.

According to People Magazine, a new survey has found that dog owners are more likely to kiss their pups over their partners. And that’s not all, as it has also been determined that many owners also prefer to have their dog in bed with them over their other half.

That’s right, we want all the love of our dogs, and that includes showing them more love than we do the people in our lives. As dog owners, this probably doesn’t come as a big surprise, but when you think that a survey found that 52 percent of people are kissing their dog over their partner, it does make you stop and think. And yes, that same 52 percent also preferred fuzzy sleeping partners over people.

Honestly, these numbers are not that surprising, although they almost seem too low, especially when you consider that a whopping 94 percent of dog owners surveyed would consider their pups to be their best friend.

The idea of man’s best friend makes perfect sense in relation to this study. And considering how often we get smooches from our own pups, we can totally see how the study would find that we are kissing our dogs more than the partners we want to spend our lives with.

It’s hard to deny the fact that we want all of our dog’s love and we want to show them how much we love them as well. There is just something about our furry friends that steals our heart and makes it hard to resist them.

Are you surprised to learn that people are showing more love to their pet than their partner? Are you one of those dog owners who prefers to sleep with your pup over another person? Tell us what you think in the comments.