Dogs of Twitter celebrate Father’s Day 2019

From Netflix's "Dogs" 1.02, "Bravo, Zeus," A man and his Husky at sunset. Courtesy of Netflix.
From Netflix's "Dogs" 1.02, "Bravo, Zeus," A man and his Husky at sunset. Courtesy of Netflix. /

The Dogs of Twitter made sure to celebrate Father’s Day 2019 in style.

The Dogs of Twitter are great at celebrating holidays. ThanksgivingCanadian ThanksgivingApril Fool’s Day, Mother’s Day, And Father’s Day 2019 was no exception.

Across the country and across the world, dogs made sure their dads received lots of kisses and love and appreciation, whether those dog dads were humans or canines.

Kara Lynn wanted everyone to know that her dad is pretty special.

Bunsen the Science Dog, a Bernese Mountain Dog, thanked his dad, a chemistry teacher, for being the boss, though he claims he doesn’t have a favorite person.

Sir Winston Da Doodle wanted the whole world to know what a fun guy his and Sir Oliver’s dad is. (This is a wonderful photo.)

Rookie the Batdog thanked his dad Derby for being the best teacher, role model and friend a Golden Retriever could ask for. (Plus he was really good at carrying bats.)

Bark-Andre Furry the Jack Russell Terrier made sure his biped Rick knew he was loved.

Mark Kristl, a contributor for the FanSided Network sites Beyond the Flag and Hidden Remote, welcomed two new Goldens to the family in Blu and Maizey. He and Wesley work together at another site covering racing news.

Animal Planet found the Dad of the Year in this protective pops, we’re pretty certain. Calling the win right now.

Violet the Newfoundland‘s human dad doesn’t want to be on Twitter (it’s not for everybody, that makes sense), so she honored her actual dad Othello instead. He looks like a good one.

Finn the Batdog wished his dad Fred a happy Father’s Day as well. They were working at the Battle for Vegas charity softball game between the Vegas Golden Knights and the Oakland Raiders (who will soon move to the area), which earned $136,000 to fight cancer.

We hope whatever fun things you all did, that you had as good a day as these pups. And if you’re still looking at late Father’s Day gifts, we have some ideas….

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