Why we need a Scooby-Doo podcast from Matthew Lillard

Tired of no Scooby content? It's time for a Scooby podcast hosted by Matthew Lillard.
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If there's one Scooby-Doo actor we can't get enough of, it's Matthew Lillard. While the franchise has made some changes in recent years, Matthew Lillard has always been there.

Of course, I'm not going to even include Frank Welker because he has been there since the beginning, and given how busy he is, I doubt he would want to host a podcast. Even so, I feel like Matthew Lillard is the perfect person.

So many of us Scooby fans already love and appreciate Matthew Lillard. He went from being the live-action version of Shaggy to eventually, voicing him in all animated projects. Frankly, I don't think Casey Kasem would have passed the torch to anyone besides Lillard.

With that being said, I feel like the current state of affairs at Warner Brothers doesn't leave much hope for the Scooby franchise, but a podcast is the next best thing.

What would a Scooby-Doo podcast look like?

Let me start with the fact that I know there are already some Scooby podcasts out there, but in the age of rewatch podcasts, I think Matthew Lillard could do something brilliant. Of course, a rewatch podcast is the obvious idea as he can dive into his work in any of the Scooby movies or shows which we would all eat up.

However, that's not the only idea because there's so much ground to cover as far as Scooby goes. He could even do an entire podcast dedicated to just the two live-action movies. I don't know about you but I'd listen to at least 10 episodes of that. He could talk to the cast and crew in the episodes which would be a lot of fun.

Another idea would be for Lillard to discuss the history of the Scooby-Doo franchise up until now and give his own takes on things. There is no shortage of items to discuss in terms of ideas, shows, movies, and all of the ways the franchise has evolved. Even so, it would truly be up to Lillard and his busy schedule whether it would happen.

Scooby-Doo is one of those franchises that can gain fans every single day and there's something so beautiful about that. There are certainly some people who are watching Scooby-Doo for the first time in 2024. Truly, the door is open for whatever Matthew Lillard would want to do as I feel like we would all show up for a Scooby podcast from him.

Would you listen to a Scooby podcast featuring Matthew Lillard? Let us know!

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