What are some of the most popular puppy breeds heading into 2024?

American Kennel Club's 2013 Most Popular Dogs
American Kennel Club's 2013 Most Popular Dogs / Gary Gershoff/GettyImages

Every year it seems like a different breed of dog reaches their peak popularity. While at least one breed has always been at the top of the list for years, that doesn't mean other dogs don't get their time to shine. And thanks to events like the National Dog Show, certain breeds really break through and garner increased interest.

As we head into 2024, MarketWatch has pulled together information on what they consider to be the most popular puppy breeds right now. However, we do have to point out that this information is based on puppies available for sale. What does that mean? It means that the popularity of these breeds is contingent on what breeders are currently offering.

There are so many different ways that we can calculate popularity among dog breeds. In this case, the fact that these puppies are currently being offered does seem to indicate that there is a demand for these dogs.

What are the most popular puppy breeds for 2024?

So which breeds are leading the pack in terms of popularity right now? What breeds are being offered for sale to meet the demands of people looking to bring home a new puppy?

Well in turns out that the most popular breed of puppy right now is unsurprisingly the French Bulldog. And not only is it the most popular breed, but it almost seems like it has no competition in terms of being in demand. Why do we say that? Well because nearly one third of all puppies for sale right now are in fact French Bulldogs!

Of course, there are other dogs that are also extremely popular, they just don't really compare to the Frenchies. That being said, some of the other popular puppy breeds are as follows:

  • The Yorkshire Terrier
  • The Bulldog
  • Pomeranians
  • The Golden Retriever
  • The Dachshund
  • The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • The Chihuahua
  • The Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Honestly, the difference between the demand for the French Bulldog and other dog breeds is actually staggering. While 32.03% of all ads for puppies available were for the French Bulldog, the next most popular puppy was the Yorkshire Terrier, which only had about 6.95% of ads!

There are so many dog breeds that are not only recognized by the American Kennel Club, but aso by other dog organizations all around the world. And yet, it seems like the French Bulldog has a chokehold on the top spot for popular breeds, at least here in the states.

Are you at all surprised by the findings of this research? What breeds would you expect to be highly popular, especially as puppies?

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