These 10 Taylor Swift songs would make great pet names in 2024

If you're adopting a pet in 2024, then these Taylor Swift-inspired names are worth looking at.
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Taylor Swift was the queen of 2023 and it doesn't seem like her reign is ending anytime soon. No matter if you're a Swiftie or not, there is no denying how popular she is right now.

Of course, that goes hand-in-hand with her having a lot of great songs and the Eras Tour. Of course she has much more going on but that's her biggest claim to fame these days.

If there's one thing I love aside from Taylor Swift, it's having a pet and some of my fellow Swifities might be looking to adopt in 2024. If you're able to, no doubt you're going to be on the hunt for the perfect name.

Whether you're renaming your pet or adopting one without a name, these 10 Taylor Swift songs are a great place to start if you're on the hunt for some inspiration.

These Taylor Swift songs double as a great pet name!

1. "Karma"

I feel like this has been a big name in 2023 but I think we'll see it continue to trend into 2024. This is a song all about people getting what they deserve and Taylor feeling the benefit of being the bigger person. Honestly, I love this song, and using this as a pet name is pretty simple but I still think it's a great one so I had to include it on my list.

2. "Tim McGraw"

Since we're going with 10 different songs, I wanted to choose one from each Era which honestly isn't easy. Taylor's first few albums aren't easy to pick songs from. From Debut, the only one I could think of was "Tim McGraw." This is a song all about thinking of your first love while hearing a song you both loved and it's such a bittersweet yet lovely song.

If you're looking for a formal name for your cat, then I think this is a good one. Plus you might end up becoming a country music fan after this. You never do know!

3. "Superstar"

This one might be considered cheating but I couldn't think of a great one for Fearless aside from the title track. Instead, I decided to go with "Superstar" which is about Taylor having a crush on a famous musician. We don't know who it is but that's part of the fun. The other part of the fun is that if you name your cat this, you can shorten it to whatever you want. Sometimes, the best part of having a pet is being able to shorten their name like that so I had to include this one.

4. "When Emma Falls In Love"

This one is more of a two-fold one as you can go with either the name "Emma" or you can go with the name "Love." Honestly, this is such a cute song so if you decided to name your new pet after it, they'd have to be adorable. It's just such a soft and sweet song about watching a friend fall in love and in a way, you're hopefully falling in love with your new pet so I had to use this song.

5. "Starlight"

Moving onto the Red era, the Taylor song I went with was "Starlight." This is another one where you could just use the song's title as your new pet's name or you could use a name within the lyrics. This is such an adorable song and one that's perfect for naming your new pet. Plus it's just one of those songs that you hear once and never forget which is exactly how most people feel about their pet.

6. "Wonderland"

Moving on to 1989, I decided to go with "Wonderland" because this one has become an underrated gem for me and is honestly such a fun song. If you're looking for a fun pet or just want a whimsical name, I don't think you can get any better than "Wonderland." It could also be a great name if you end up getting a rabbit since it's sort of a nod to Alice in Wonderland, too.

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7. "Gorgeous"

Are you ready for it? We're talking about Reputation and this is another tough one as there aren't many songs that jump out as great names. The one that jumped out most to me was "Gorgeous" as I feel like it is another one that can shortened. It's also one that could describe your pet because most of us think our pets are cute. Honestly, Reputation is a hard one but if you're really stumped, you could always just use Reputation.

8. "Cornelia Street"

For Lover, it almost felt like an embarrassment of riches. There are so many great song titles on there and so many to choose from. Considering that this one has been on repeat for me, I decided to go with "Cornelia Street." Not only is it a beautiful name but it's such a testament to Taylor's songwriting that you have to appreciate it.

Plus let's be real: This song is too beautiful to just be used once so if you can, I'd use it as a name for your pet. They'll know just how special they are!

9. "August"

When it comes to Folklore, there are plenty of great names to pick from this album. The lyricism of this album is just unmatched. Due to that, I had to feature not only a favorite song of mine but one that I can't help but think would make a great name. "August" feels like such an awesome name for your new pet especially if you end up adopting them in August. It's also another one that can be shortened to Auggie or Gus which is so cute. Either way, this one was an easy pick for me.

10. "Dorothea"

Rounding out the list is none other than Evermore and for that album, I decided to go with "Dorothea." This is another album with a lot of great names featured within its tracks but this is one of the more underrated ones. I think Dorothea is such an interesting name and is another great way to shorten for your pet. Plus it's just such a great song that it had to make the cut this time.

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