Felix Cat Insurance shares 13 adoptable Cats of the Year for Taylor Swift’s bday

Adopt Your Own Taylor Swift-Inspired “Cat of the Year” Nominee. Image Credit to Felix Cat Insurance.
Adopt Your Own Taylor Swift-Inspired “Cat of the Year” Nominee. Image Credit to Felix Cat Insurance. /

And they said meow now…Wait, that’s not how the Taylor Swift song goes. In the eyes of Felix Cat Insurance, it might be more appropriate.

The company is giving back in a big way for Taylor Swift’s birthday. If you didn’t know, Swift’s birthday is December 13th. If you’ve been following her, you’ll know that 13 is “her” number.

Due to not only her birthday but her and Benjamin Button gracing the TIME cover together, Felix Cat Insurance made some “Cat Covers” of their very own. That’s not all as the brand is also going to be donating $34,000 to the Brooklyn Cat Cafe in Benjamin Button’s name to help get more cats adopted.

In honor of all of that, I wanted to share the cat covers featuring the 13 “Cat Of the Year” finalists and talk about why it’s such an awesome idea.

Felix Cat Insurance picks 13 Cat Of the Year finalists in honor of Taylor Swift.

These Cat of the Year finalists were picked by both Felix Cat Insurance and the Brooklyn Cat Cafe which is where the donation will go. Each cat has a Swiftie-themed name whether it be from her songs such as “Karma,” “Maroon” or “Red” or someone close to her like Travis. Either way, it’s a fun way to put these cats at the forefront.

As fun as it is to honor Taylor Swift, this is about getting these adoptable cats out there so they can find their forever home. Let’s be honest: That’s something Taylor would love in honor of her birthday. No matter if you’re a Swiftie or not, there is no denying that this was a genius idea and will hopefully help these kitties find their forever homes.

I also wanted to include a quote from the brand: “With celebrity cats getting their time in the spotlight, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to connect with cat lovers and share that spotlight with other cats in need,” said Jamie Maxfield, Marketing Director, and Brand Expert at Felix Cat Insurance. “Each of these cats has earned its ‘Cat of the Year’ status, and Felix is here every step of the way once these deserving felines get adopted into their fur-ever homes.” It’s clear the brand was looking for the best way to get these cats some extra love and hopefully, that will do the trick.

If you’re able to, now is a great time to adopt a kitty and bring them into your home. Regardless if you’re a Taylor Swift fan, there’s no better way to kick off the holiday season. You’ll be able to have your bundle of joy to cuddle up with and you can both enjoy the joyous sound of Taylor Swift singing “Christmas Tree Farm.” Plus these covers are just too adorable to not want to look at.

What do you think of the Cat of the Year finalists from Felix Cat Insurance and Brooklyn Cat Cafe? Let us know your thoughts! 

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