The ultimate Destination Pet experience unleashing luxury

Destination Pet is looking to help pet lovers and increase options for families with pets looking to maybe RNR during the cold winter months.
'Actuel Dogs' - Luxury Dogs Hotel Visit
'Actuel Dogs' - Luxury Dogs Hotel Visit / Franck Prevel/GettyImages

Destination Pet is offering exactly what everyone has been hoping for! An increased credit card experience for dogs! The consumer finance company Synchrony is providing something unique in this space. After the public announcement of an agreement, pet owners will be able to take advantage of the expanding services.

The CareCredit health and wellness card offered through Synchrony includes financing options for a variety of sought-after aspects as well including grooming, training, and veterinary care. Securing financing, and expanding payment options, including single-service or pre-paying for packaged inclusive deals will provide pet lovers with more opportunities to care for and spoil their furry friend.

The CareCredit card itself is designed to help families with the out-of-pocket expenses that pop up that insurance does not cover. Especially with the rising cost of everything, Synchrony is hoping to be at the forefront of providing people with a unique way to secure their financial options while caring for their pets.

Of course, having the card comes with restrictions. The focus was more so on the preventative care or emergency aspect of pets and was not initially intended for toys or cucumbers on the eyes or other things of that nature.

Now with the recent agreement, a card that is already accepted by over 200,000 providers is looking to be available at many more locations, allowing pet owners to choose how best to care for or treat their companions.

Destination Pet modern care experience with Synchrony and CareCredit

Looking to integrate today's needs and shifting economic trends, Destination Pet has always looked to bridge the gap for pet-owning families and what can be a complicated medical pet world. Available on the app store, Yourgi, is a nice feature offered through Destination Pet that aims to be a one-stop place for all of your pet's needs.

Including service recommendations and your pet's medical history, the app helps to connect you with any providers in your area. Aside from wellness checks, and grooming visits, a perhaps needed luxury vacation pet resort can now also be an option in the expanding role of Destination Pet in the industry through Synchrony.

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