The trailer for “The Sign” from Bluey is here and we need more!

The trailer for the Sign is here and as a Bluey fan, let me say that we need more.
Bluey "The Sign" key art - credit: Disney
Bluey "The Sign" key art - credit: Disney /

If there's one thing that makes a bad day better, it's Bluey. The series is looking even brighter with the release of the trailer for "The Sign."

The 28-minute special has been teased for months. All of us have been patiently waiting and thankfully, the series finally dropped a trailer ahead of its April 14th release.

The only disappointing thing is that the trailer is only 30 seconds longer. Aside from that, the trailer gave us just enough to think about and get excited about. However, there have already been a lot of fan theories and hopes for what the special is going to be about.

Of course with the flower crowns, the poster, and all of the different moments shared in the trailer, we can all assume that we're going to see a wedding between two beloved characters but I won't give too much away.

See the trailer for the upcoming Bluey special, "The Sign."

Whether you're an adult Bluey fan or are watching with your littles, no doubt the trailer gave us a lot to think about. After watching the trailer, I think you can figure out that we're likely to see the wedding between Uncle Rad and Frisky. If you remember from Season 2, the two babysat Bluey and Bingo together as their first meeting.

Honestly, that callback to Season 2 is amazing and gives us a meet-cute in the Bluey universe which I just love. However, the one thing I didn't love was just how short the trailer was. When I think of a trailer, I think of something a bit longer, but it's clear the Bluey crew doesn't want us to know too much before going in.

Regardless, the trailer and poster show us that there's a party on the horizon. Until we get answers on April 14th though, there isn't much more to go on. Thankfully, we got some more great Bluey news as the show teamed up with Home Chef for some fun family meal kits. Sounds like the perfect activity to do while getting ready for "The Sign."

On the whole, Bluey is one of those shows that holds a special places in everyone's hearts as it's fun, heartfelt and doesn't shy away from the reality of life. In addition, it's just so wholesome. Even if you're not a Bluey fan, "The Sign" might be a great place for you to start your journey.

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