Bluey drops some fun snippets from "The Sign"

Don't wait to watch these clips from the Bluey special, "The Sign."

Bluey "Ghostbasket" - credit: Disney+
Bluey "Ghostbasket" - credit: Disney+ /

If there is one thing that I'll always watch, it's clips of Bluey. Even though I'm a 30-year-old woman, that show speaks to me.

That's why I've been so excited to see two longer episodes of the series which are "Ghostbasket" and "The Sign." While the show has been somewhat tight-lipped on details, the series did drop some snippets recently.

When it comes to Bluey, there never seems to be enough but on the show's X/Twitter page, you can view a few different clips. If anything, it might help you piece together some of what the episode is about and get us excited for what's to come.

Whether your little is excited about this new Bluey special or if you're a Bluey fan like me, then you won't want to miss these snippets.

See these Bluey clips of "The Signs" before its premiere.

I've only shared the first clip above, but you can head to the official Bluey twitter to see the other two clips but honestly, I'm here for it. "The Sign" was already an episode I was looking for but those clips make me even more thrilled to watch it.

Honestly, I didn't have any idea of what "The Sign" was going to be about, but it feels like those clips make it even more unclear. Even so, that makes me even more excited to sit down and watch it on April 14th. No doubt that will be a huge day for Bluey fans of all ages and that's something to be excited about.

Considering how things are going, everyone needs a little bit of Bluey in their lives but the whole Heeler family is what makes the show even better. No matter if you're a parent or not, Bluey will make you feel something even if you only watch an episode or two. All in all, I truly can't wait to see what happens in "The Sign" and if it ends up being a treasured episode of the beloved series.

The Bluey special, "The Sign" will premiere on April 14th, 2024.

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