The New York Red Bulls hosted their very first Bark Night in support of shelter dogs

New England Revolution v New York Red Bulls
New England Revolution v New York Red Bulls / Howard Smith/ISI Photos/GettyImages

From hockey to baseball, dogs at sporting events is becoming a big thing. And we love to see it. Now, the latest team to get in on the magic of hosting a dog night is the New York Red Bulls.

For anyone unfamiliar with who the New York Red Bulls are, they are a New York Major League Soccer team. And on May 29, they hosted their first ever Bark Night! Much like at other sporting events, Bark Night was all about bringing dogs to the sporting event. In this case, this was an attempt for the New York Red Bulls to offer their support for the Newark Animal Shelter.

According to the press release we received following the May 29 game, not only did the team win 3-1 over the Charlotte FC, but the team also hosted an adoption showcase prior to the game that gave their fans a chance to meet some dogs that were looking for their forever home. On top of that, the team also made a donation to the shelter in honor of their very first Bark Night!

We love when athletes and sports teams come together to help support a good cause. And we definitely believe that a rescue for animals is a good cause. There are a lot of dogs and cats looking for their forever home. And we love the fact that the New York Red Bulls decided to host an adoption event before their very first Bark Night.

Here’s hoping that this event was such a success for the Red Bulls, that the team decides to host another adoption event and in particular a Bark Night again in the future. We would love to see events like this becoming more common, especially in light of the many dog friendly games that the different Major League Baseball teams host.

Are you a fan of these dog-friendly events at ball games? Do you want to see more dog-friendly events at other sporting venues?

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