The Fancy Feast Advent Calendar is still available for purchase online

"A New Way To Wow" Launch Party
"A New Way To Wow" Launch Party / Gary Gershoff/GettyImages

When it comes to spoiling our pets, it seems to be really easy to spoil our dogs. There are multiple Advent Calendars available for them, plenty of festive toys and treats, and of course all the holiday clothing they never knew they didn't want. But what about for our cats?

Thanks to Fancy Feast, we are able to spoil our cats all year long. But at the holidays, the brand truly goes all out. And that means creating the perfect feline Advent Calendar.

That's right! There is a Fancy Feast Advent Calendar called the Fancy Feast Feastivities Advent Calendar! And if you want to snag one, you still can.

You can still pick up a Fancy Feast Advent Calendar for your feline

The Fancy Feast Advent Calendar is still available online right now and it won't break the bank. We call that a win-win situation.

But what actually comes in this Advent Calendar for cats? According to the description from Purina, the calendar features:

  • 16 of their 3 ounce cans of wet cat food
  • 2 of their broths
  • 4 boxes of treats
  • 2 of their Savory Purees

For us, this mix is perfect for even the pickiest of kitties. And since we have a picky staff kitty, we can attest to the fact that there really is something for every cat in this Advent Calendar.

While there have been a few items in this calendar (we were sent one to try out with our staff cat) that were not a win with our fuzzy leader, there were also plenty of wins. The broths and purees were definitely favorites and with 16 different cans in the calendar, most of these wet foods were downright perfect.

For the few flavors that our staff cat doesn't enjoy, we just put them together and gave them to the shelter kitties.

We love the variety that something like an Advent Calendar gives us and the fact that it let's us figure our what our staff cat will enjoy or not. Every single time that Fancy Feast releases something special like this, we are in!

If you want to spoil your cat as we head into the new year, you may want to snag one of these Fancy Feast Advent Calendars while they are still available.

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