Tastykake is honoring The Garfield Movie with new treats and packaging

Don't miss this fun collaboration for the Garfield Movie from Tastykake.
Garfield Tastykake Products. Image Credit to Tastykake.
Garfield Tastykake Products. Image Credit to Tastykake. /

If there's one thing to make Tastykake even better, it's Garfield. Yes, we're talking about the big orange cat and not Andrew Garfield.

Then again, maybe we'll see Andrew Garfield on a package eventually. Anyway, the beloved Pennsylvania-based brand is teaming up with everyone's favorite orange kitty to celebrate the release of The Garfield Movie.

The film is poised to hit theaters on May 24th and brands are rolling out some amazing products including Tastykake. Since we're both lovers of Garfield and huge foodies, I wanted to showcase some of the products.

While there is a new product, the packaging is mostly what's gotten updated to reflect the upcoming release of The Garfield Movie.

This Garfield x Tastykake collaboration is a fun one.

TK-0656 - Garfield Product Group Shot
Garfield Tastykake Products. Image Credit to Tastykake. /

While we've already covered Garfield's Olive Garden favorites, did you know that he's also a fan of Tastykake? Of course, it shouldn't come as a surprise as Tastykakes are that good. For those wanting to try something limited-edition, you can enjoy the Cat Nap Cupcakes. These are the iconic and beloved TastyKake creme-filled chocolate cupcakes but this time, they're topped with orange icing and stripes to mimic Garfield. These come in a box of 6 and you can also buy single packs.

As far as items with Garfield packaging, Garfield is basically featured on all of our favorites including the Blueberry Mini Muffins, the Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins, and the Confetti Mini Muffins. You can also find Garfield packaging on single items such as the Frosted, Crunch and Powered Mini Donuts, Snowballs, and Pecan Swirls. Overall, it's clear Garfield is taking over at least for the month of May.

Given Garfield's love for food and sweets, this collaboration couldn't be more perfect. Plus it allowed Tastykake to add a fun new product. Whether you're grabbing these to try or want to add some fun into your favorite person's lunchbox, these are sure to put a smile on anyone's face.

In addition, Tastykake is running sweepstakes which you can enter daily until June 7th. From there, you have a chance at winning a massive prize pack that includes two tickets to The Garfield Movie, a year's supply of Tastykake, the Garfield Movie poster, and $1,000 in cash. Runner-ups can win $100 in cash, two tickets to the Garfield movie, and $20 dollars of Tastykake products. You can enter on the website for your chance to win.

What do you think of this collaboration between Tastykake and The Garfield Movie?

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