Target reveals new Squishmallow dog toy collection

Squishmallows pet beds from Jazwares Pets
Squishmallows pet beds from Jazwares Pets /

Squishmallows are everywhere, but especially at Target. If you're into the squishy plush toys, you've likely taken a trip (or four) to the store to see if they had one you didn't have yet. Well, now the Squishmallows are going to the dogs...quite literally.

Target has just launched a Squishmallow dog toy collection, and the toys are only $5! Currently, there are only three toys in the lineup, but with how popular the toys are, there will likely be more in the future.

First up is Melly the Milk Carton! She is white and blue with a little straw that your dog will immediately start chewing on. The toy is 3.5 inches and is only $4.99. And yes, it does include a squeaker. It is a dog toy, after all. Melly loves martial arts and spending time with her friend Neeona.

Next up is Deja the Donut. Deja is a chocolate-covered donut with multi-colored sprinkles and is cute AF. She is also $4.99 and 3.5 inches tall, the perfect size for small and large dogs. Even my miniature dachshund could have fun with these toys. Deja is an improv master, which makes her the perfect companion for your pupper.

Squishmallow and Target team up for new dog toy collection

Finally, there is Emery the Latte. As you can probably guess from the name, she is shaped just like a latte. She even has cream in a shape on top. This toy also includes a squeaker, is $4.99, and, you guessed it, is 3.5 inches tall. Maybe don't give this toy to your dog when they have the zoomies. Just the thought of caffeine may have them going for hours.

As is the case with anything to do with Squishmallow, these are likely to sell out very quickly, so you'll want to get them while you can. And maybe get two of each if your dog is especially hard on their toys.

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