Surprise! Let's grade the new Bluey episode.

After the release of "The Sign," Bluey dropped a surprise episode and we have thoughts.
Bluey "Surprise"
Bluey "Surprise" /

While "The Sign" was one of the biggest events for Bluey fans, it seemed like we wouldn't be getting more Bluey in the distant future. Thankfully, "Surprise" dropped as a special surprise release.

The episode continues the show's regular runtime of 7-8 minutes and it follows the two sisters both wanting to play with their dad. The only thing is that they don't want to play the same game and instead, Bandit ended up running ragged.

Of course, the episode ends up being a turning point for Bluey who realizes that sometimes, it's better to compromise and help out where you can. While that seemed like a lovely way to end the episode, things get even more emotional.

If you haven't watched the latest episode, "Surprise," then make sure to skip ahead as there will be spoilers from this point on.

"Surprise" has a surprisingly touching scene to end the episode.

As mentioned, please watch the episode if you haven't already but if you have, you'll know that the last scene is what makes it. We end up being a flash-forward moment to a grown-up Bluey going back to visit her parents. While it's a fun scene on its own, it's clear that Bluey brought someone else along with her.

While it might not seem like much, it does feel like an odd way to end off the episode. Either way, I do think this glimpse into Bluey's future is nice. I even love how they decided to change things up for Chili and Bandit as well. Even if the entire episode wasn't nearly as emotional as "The Sign," there was still an emotional aspect to it.

I don't know what it is about recent Bluey episodes, but something about them is making me so emotional. Either way, I enjoyed this episode although it wasn't nearly as good as "The Sign." Then again, will any Bluey episode be able to beat "The Sign?" That's a question for another day so let's get into the grade.

Bluey Surprise Grade . B+. While not nearly as impactful as "The Sign," "Surprise" was a surprisingly emotional episode. . . Bluey "Surprise"

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