Was the Bluey episode, The Sign everything we wanted?

Did "The Sign" meet all of our high expectations as Bluey fans?
Bluey Season 3 Episode: "The Sign" Image. Image Credit to Ludo Studio.
Bluey Season 3 Episode: "The Sign" Image. Image Credit to Ludo Studio. /

Bluey is one of those shows that will hook you in one episode. One second you're watching with your favorite little one and the next, you're alone, queueing up some episodes to watch.

Even though I tend to mention this in all my Bluey posts, I have a niece and nephew who both love Bluey. Ever since it became big in the US, I've watched episodes here and there and have always enjoyed the show.

Due to that, I was incredibly excited for "The Sign" as it was our first taste of a longer Bluey episode and most episodes are around 7-8 minutes. However, "The Sign" was billed as being the "Biggest Bluey Ever" and my expectations were incredibly high.

While I didn't get to watch it until April 15th, I wanted to sit with my thoughts and get into if "The Sign" ended up being as amazing as I had hoped for.

Was "The Sign" truly the biggest Bluey episode ever?

"The Sign" Image from Bluey. Image Credit to Ludo Studio. /

Let me start by saying that I won't be discussing any major plot-points as I don't want to spoil the episode for anyone. To put it simply though, we find out that the Heeler family is selling their house but don't find out why until "The Sign." In addition, we're also following the wedding of Uncle Rad and Frisky.

From the first start of the episode, I was hooked. After watching "Ghostbasket" the previous week, I knew the house was up for sale. However, it felt like something entirely different to see the family actually getting ready to move. In addition, we also saw the wedding preparations for Frisky and Rad to have their wedding at the Heeler's home.

As the episode went on, I couldn't help but fall into the story. Unlike the previous episode, it felt like "The Sign" really showcased the characters and gave us more insight. Bluey was personally really struggling with the move and so was Chili. It was clear the two were dealing with a lot of emotions and so was Frisky. Having those two plotlines work off each other was an excellent choice for the writing room.

With that being said, I had a few different ideas about "The Sign" and the series challenged all of those. On the whole, I loved the episode and it felt like a turning point for the characters. We truly got to see the more unsavory moments the show can sometimes gloss over. Seeing Chili and Bandit's varying emotions and reactions, it felt like the dawn of something new for the show.

Coupled with the wedding of Rad and Frisky, "The Sign" was romantic, funny, and an emotional rollercoaster. Ultimately, this Bluey special proves that the show can handle a longer run-time and hopefully, we'll see more in the future.

What do you think of "The Sign?" Would you say it was the biggest Bluey ever?

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