Remembering beloved English Bulldog UGA X

Georgia University had an English Bulldog, UGA X, as their mascot. His tenure is one of unprecedented success and bravery.
2023 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama
2023 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

UGA is the English Bulldog name for the Georgia athletics mascot. The name works in a hierarchy, the way monarchs of old used to. Unfortunately, saddened supporters heard of the recent passing of UGA X. The letter "X" in this case is used as a Roman numeral, meaning ten. The tenth UGA to proudly serve on the Georgia sidelines for eight years.

The English Bulldog passed away peacefully in his sleep after one year of retirement. He was home with his family in Savannah. The Seiler family has bred the line of mascots for nearly 70 years. UGA X was commonly nicknamed "Que" and stopped all on-field activities after the 2023 Spring football game.

He has been succeeded in his role by UGA XI (eleven) who is nicknamed "Boom". However, the next English Bulldog will have large shoes to fill. Que reigned on the sidelines as the Georgia football team amassed an impressive 91-18 record. During his tenure, there were two national championships to wag his tail too! The young pup has a lot to look forward to, but is already off to a strong 13-1 record at the start of his career. Hopefully, Boom will not have to display the levels of bravery that Que showed.

English Bulldog Faces A Longhorn Square On

During the 2019 Sugar Bowl, Que stood his ground against a much larger creature. Live animal mascots are common at a lot of schools, and Texas is no different. When Georgia faced the Texas Longhorns, "Bevo" roamed the sidelines. Bevo is a fully grown longhorn steer.

But something unexpected happened. The usually calm steer took something of a small charge at the English Bulldog. Luckily the incident was shortlived, as handlers removed the two from each other. But a lot of people were impressed with the composure and calmness that Que evaded the attack with.

He will be remembered in this clip and for his years on the sidelines in the memories of fans for years to come. The English Bulldog proudly represented his school and will be missed.

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