Planning a dog-friendly trip? USA Today Blueprint has options!

USA Today Blueprint shared some great destinations for doggy parents.

The English bulldog is comfortably placed in the trunk of a...
The English bulldog is comfortably placed in the trunk of a... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

When it comes to going on vacation, most people want to feel comfortable and sometimes, that involves bringing your dogs along.

Ultimately, it's up to you whether you can or are able to bring your pups along. Of course, it also depends on what mode of transportation you're using as going in a car, plane, and train are all vastly different experiences.

Thankfully, USA Today Blueprint shared some ideas if you're planning a trip with your pooch. These are all destinations across the US and all vary in terms of price. For some though, there is no price too high to not bring their pet along.

Whether you're planning a trip for spring break, need a vacation from work, or just need some alone time with your pup by your side, these destinations might surprise you.

Add these dog-friendly vacation destinations to your list.

Let's start with the top dog-friendly destination and that's Flagstaff, Arizona. This comes based on a few factors including figuring out dog-friendly accommodations per 100,000 residents. As for that metric, USA Today Blueprint broke down things such as dog-friendly restaurants, nearby trails, vet offices, and even, dog-friendly beaches.

In the breakdown shared Flagstaff has the most dog-friendly accommodations with 56 different options, 132 dog-friendly trails, and 39 dog-friendly restaurants. Honestly, that's pretty amazing and makes for a great idea if you're planning to head to Arizona for your next vacation.

Moving ahead to #2 on the list is San Luis Obispo, California. As you might imagine, SLO has some great beaches and sometimes, that's exactly what you and your pup need. Getting your toes and their paws in the sand can make things a bit brighter. The #3 spot goes to Santa Barbara, California which is known for having almost 30 different dog-friendly restaurants so no worries about leaving your pooch alone for brunch.

One city that might surprise is Austin, Texas coming in at #4 on the list. Given how large the city is, this makes sense. While there, you can find over 20 different dog-friendly restaurants, over 500 different vet offices, and almost 100 dog-friendly trails. Coming in at the #5 spot is Portland, Oregon which is an underrated summer vacation spot. In Portland, there are over 170 dog-friendly trails along with over 500 vet offices nearby and 18 different dog-friendly restaurants.

We're officially halfway through the list and this is where things get a bit slimmer so I won't spend as much time on these cities. At #6 is San Diego, California which offers 21 different dog-friendly restaurants and 10 dog-friendly beaches. The #7 spot is on the East Coast and that's Naples, Florida which has a staggering 45 dog-friendly restaurants. In addition, Naples offers 27 dog-friendly accommodations and 8 dog-friendly beaches.

Coming in at #8 is Nashville, Tennessee. Frankly, this has been the most surprising city to make the cut but it has over 600 different vet offices nearby along with 18 dog-friendly walking trails. Then at #9 is Denver, Colorado. Denver has 55 different dog-friendly trails despite only having nine different options for dog-friendly accommodations.

Lastly, rounding out the list at #10 is Key West, Florida. Once again, this is another East Coast destination. While Key West has loads of dog-friendly restaurants, there aren't many dog-friendly trails which can be a miss for some. Either way, USA Today Blueprint shared plenty of amazing vacation spots and even shared some other cities to consider.

What do you think of this list of dog-friendly vacation spots? Be sure to let us know where you and your pup are headed next.

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