Choosing your pet over parenthood? You're not alone according to USA Today

USA Today dropped a fun study on the rise in people becoming pet parents.
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Being a parent isn't an easy choice to make and honestly, a lot of people are opting out especially dog owners as shared via a USA Today study.

While the idea might have seemed ludicrous in the past, we are now seeing an uptick in people deciding to become pet parents versus having babies. Of course, there are several factors that play into that, and in a way, it makes sense.

For the survey, USA Today talked to 1,000 different people and from those surveyed, 38% shared that they "...made the choice to become pet owners instead of having a child." While that number might seem large, that's not the only stat worth mentioning as over half the people talked about choosing a dog over a child for now.

This shift seems like something that has been coming for a while and given how many people are childfree, there is no way we won't see this number rise again in the next few years.

See these USA Today results on being a pet parent in 2024.

Of course, we have to talk about the reasons and honestly, there were some great ones shared by those who responded. The highest reason for having a dog versus a child? People are sharing that caring for a dog is much easier than caring for a child. Ultimately, I have to agree with this sentiment as someone who has no kids but is an aunt.

The other reason why people aren't becoming parents just yet? It's all about the cost of everything and frankly, I thought this would be the top reason. Everyone is struggling right now and it's not fair to add a child into the mix unless you're actively working to be better. It feels like everyone is just struggling to make ends meet right now, though.

Moving onto the third reason why, some people just know they're better suited to being a pet parent versus being a parent to a child. Last but not least, it's much easier to plan ahead and be ready for a dog versus having a child. Frankly, it's not easy to do either but it's much easier to plan for a dog rather than a child.

Whether you're a dog parent or just aren't planning to have kids yet, I'd like to know your thoughts on this study. Do you agree with the points shared or do you have other reasons? Be sure to let us know your thoughts!

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