Petco is helping pet parents save some money on National Puppy Day

Portrait of a golden retriever puppy...
Portrait of a golden retriever puppy... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

As pet parents, we want to save money. We want to spoil our pets and not break the bank. And in honor of National Puppy Day, Petco is making sure that we can do both!

With National Puppy Day falling on March 23, we love the fact that this means shopping (and saving) on the weekend. So what exactly is the deal that Petco has for us this National Puppy Day? Well according to the press email we received, pet parents can save 25 percent off of their dog supplies from the brand EveryYay! This deal is available both in store and online, and the code to save with is EYAYPUPPY25.

"This offer is only valid on March 23, so pet parents shouldn’t miss their chance to save big and stock up on everything from walking accessories and bowls to strollers, carriers and more." So what are some of the specific items we can save on at Petco?

Save 25% off of EveryYay supplies from Petco this National Puppy Day

Need a crate for your new puppy? Check out the EveryYay Going Places 1-Door Folding Dog Crate which comes in a variety of sizes from an extra small to and extra extra large.

Are you the kind of pet parent who really goes all out to spoil your pet? Are you looking for a stroller to take your new puppy or even your older dog for walks? You may want to check out the EveryYay Places to Go Reflective Gray Pet Stroller, which is also great for cats you want to take for a walk too.

You can never go wrong with a cozy new bed. And Petco definitely has our pets covered with some awesome beds. In this case, we love that we can save on their EveryYay Snooze Fest Grey Rectangle Nester Box Dog Bed!

Of course, there are plenty of other supplies we can snag for our pets from Petco and if we are saving money while we do it, then that is a win. As a fan of Petco, we love when they have great deals on products we already planned to buy.

This National Puppy Day, Petco is definitely where the pet parents go!

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