Pairing shelter dogs together is a win all around according to new study

A new study shows why having dogs paired together in a shelter could work in everyone's favor.
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Dog lovers know a thing or two about wanting to get a single dog but coming back with one or two more. Sometimes, you just can't say no and there's nothing wrong with that.

However, a recent study shared by Virginia Tech proved that sometimes dogs being paired up is the ultimate key. The study was shared in an article from and it broke down why pairing these pups up can help everyone.

The article explains: "Research indicates that pairing shelter dogs with compatible companions significantly reduces their stress levels and expedites their adoption process, demonstrating the profound impact of social connection on their well-being and prospects." To put that in simple terms, pairing the dogs up can make them feel happier and less alone which is sometimes all those pups can ask for.

For those who have recently adopted a dog or have adopted one in the past, you'll recall going to look at certain dogs and seeing them alone. Somehow, that seems so much sadder than seeing two dogs together and now it's been proven that it can even affect their chances of being adopted.

Did you know pairing up shelter dogs can help them in more ways than one?

The article also goes on to share that dogs who were paired up with others in the kennel were overall less stressed and were more likely to be adopted sooner than dogs who were in their kennel, alone. I don't know about you, but I feel like that is such a good sign. If anything, it can also help the dogs to get socialized which could be necessary if going into a home with another pet.

The other thing that was noted in the study was that it helped to save space in the shelter. Given how many dogs are up for adoption, shelters are usually at capacity. Being able to have dogs together in a kennel can prove to be a space saver for the shelter. If you really think about it, most of us would rather be with a friend than have the option to spend time alone.

Dogs are the same way and this study proves it. Of course, it does help that most people don't want to separate two dogs so they end up adopting them both. The next time you're thinking about adopting a dog or looking to add to your family, then make sure to check for a kennel with two dogs so you might be getting 2 for the price of 1.

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