Pedigree and MeetCutesNYC have teamed up to help shelter dogs find love at first sight

France: Hundreds of thousands of animals are collected from streets every year
France: Hundreds of thousands of animals are collected from streets every year / Anadolu/GettyImages

Every day, hundreds of dogs find their way to shelters across the country. And for many dogs, finding a new home can be a challenge. And yet, once a pup finds their person, it can be a beautiful thing to see.

In an effort to help more shelter dogs find their forever homes and a bit of love at first sight, Pedigree has teamed up with MeetCutesNYC for the Love at First Sight adoption initiative. From June 7-9, “Pedigree is reimbursing adoption fees at local shelters across the U.S. for dogs adopted at qualifying shelters.” And in an effort to promote the magic of adoption and bringing home a dog in need, they partnered with MeetCutesNYC to share the stories of pet parents who already found their furry love!

With so many animals looking for their forever home, it makes sense that brands like Pedigree are going to do everything they can to make a difference. And adoption drives like this definitely do that.

We had the opportunity to speak to the people behind MeetCutesNYC about their partnership with Pedigree, and to learn more about what inspired them to not only speak to pet parents about their adoption story, but also to help promote this adoption drive. And perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s a very feel good moment.

The founders of MeetCutesNYC talk to us about partnering with Pedigree for their adoption initiative

Dog O’Day: Can you tell us more about MeetCutesNYC?

MeetCutesNYC Team: “We started in February of 2023 with a simple idea aimed at demystifying how NYC couples meet. Our videos quickly resonated on social media and we now have over 4 million followers across platforms. Since then, we've captured thousands of authentic stories from couples across various demographics and walks of life. Our page is about providing hope and wisdom through the lens of your everyday couple.”

DOD: What inspired this partnership between Pedigree and MeetCutesNYC? 

MCNYC: “As we've successfully captured the bond between two people, it felt natural to extend our focus to the pure and unconditional love between pets and their owners. Pet owners were eager to share heartfelt stories about meeting their dogs and the joy and companionship their dogs have brought into their lives. The connection was just as easy to display on camera.”

DOD: What is something you want more potential pet parents to know about adoption and this partnership?

MCNYC: “There are so many dogs in need of homes, and adopting one not only transforms the dog's life but also brings a ton of joy and love to the adoptive family. Before making this commitment, you need to make sure you are ready for it. Understand that it requires time, training, and patience to create the right environment for adopted dogs. While the love it brings can change lives, being prepared is essential for a successful and fulfilling adoption experience.”

DOD: What are some of your favorite moments from interacting with people and their pets?

MCNYC: “Just as couples brighten up when asked about how they met, pet owners do the same. Initially, people might be inclined to tune us out, but once we ask about their pets, they are quick to share their stories.

Of course, it's always enjoyable to have an excuse to meet and pet dogs all day. We've captured some incredible adoption stories, and seeing the smiles on both the owners' and dogs' faces is truly special, knowing the journey that brought them together.”

DOD: And because I love to ask this of all our interviewees: If you were any dog breed, what would you be and why?

MCNYC: “We have to go with the Beagle. To our understanding they are known to be the curious and playful type. We hope to remain ever-curious in our quest to learn and contrive wisdom from the couples we meet. Most importantly having fun and approaching our journey with a sense of playfulness.”

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