Need to finish a Bluey Easter basket? Look no further than Amazon

Bluey is bound to be hot this Easter and Amazon has some fun items to check out.
Bluey Season 3 Image. Image Credit to Disney/Disney+.
Bluey Season 3 Image. Image Credit to Disney/Disney+. /

If there's one TV show everyone is talking about, it's Bluey. Bluey and her family have taken over the pop culture landscape.

When the show was on the fast track to becoming popular, it felt like there were never any Bluey items out there. Now, it feels like you can go anywhere and find something related to the series.

Of course, we're always looking for the newest and coolest thing especially if you're planning an Easter basket for someone. Whether you're planning for your own littles or have younger nieces, nephews, and cousins, you can't go wrong with Bluey.

Plus now you don't even have to leave the house to finish up your Easter shopping as All Ears shared some amazing Bluey products available on Amazon.

Amazon has some awesome Bluey finds for Easter.

While I wanted to share some products from All Ears, I also wanted to do a little digging and share some as well. One thing that All Ears shared is an Official Bluey Chalk Art Set which features 5 different colored chalks and even includes chalk holders to make it easier for little hands. This is priced at $9.99 on Amazon. Seems like a great one for those who have an area where they can use chalk.

Another one shared by All Ears is an adorable Bluey Mini Home Playset. It's just a smaller version of Bluey's house and it features a Bluey figure along with some additional home items. Priced at $19.97, you can get this for a pretty solid price and it would be a great bigger gift for an Easter basket.

Moving onto some items I found on Amazon, the first thing I spotted was a Bluey Dance Mode Bubble Machine and Toy Microphone. This is priced at $12.99 and is a fun idea if you like having no quiet time to yourself. That was partially a joke but this is a great one to enjoy during the spring season and no doubt will be a great toy to carry into the summer months.

The final two items I found on Amazon are at two different price points but would be great for littles or those wanting to do a craft on their own. First up is the Bluey Decorate Your Own Water Bottle which is priced at $11.99 and features a water bottle that you can decorate with different stickers. As much as kids love stickers, this is an awesome idea.

The final product that I had to include was a Bluey Pillow Pet. I feel like pillow pets don't get as much love as they once did. However, I think this is a great gift if you're looking for something for a Bluey fan, no matter what age. The perk with this one is that there's also a Bingo Pillow Pet which is priced at $34.99 on Amazon.

Are you planning a Bluey-themed Easter basket this year? Let us know!

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