Head to Walmart if you're planning a Bluey Easter basket this year

Shopping for a Bluey love this Easter? Make sure to head to Walmart first.
Bluey Season 3 Image. Image Credit to Disney/Disney+.
Bluey Season 3 Image. Image Credit to Disney/Disney+. /

Bluey is taking over and I mean that in the best way. Kids are loving the show and parents are loving it even more.

No doubt Bluey is going to be a hot commodity this year for Easter baskets. That's why I had to share something I saw recently on Instagram and that's tons of amazing Bluey merch for Easter.

Even though Valentine's Day only recently passed, everyone is looking ahead to Easter and since it's on March 31st this year, it feels like the clock is really ticking. No matter if you're planning an Easter basket for your child, your niece or nephew or have a Bluey fan in your life, you're in luck.

Walmart has some really amazing items at very reasonable prices which are perfect for creating a Bluey-themed Easter basket this year.

Don't sleep on Walmart for all your Bluey Easter needs.

In a reel shared by the creator WalmartOverEverything, Liz gave us a full look at some of the new Bluey items at Walmart. There are tons of different options for anyone putting together a basket this year. I mean she even showed us a Bluey Easter basket so it's clear Bluey is making her mark this year.

There are also typical Easter offerings including bubbles, little mystery Easter eggs, plushies, and even adorable Bluey cups. Considering how popular Bluey is, I'd race to Walmart as soon as you can before these all get gobbled up. Since Bluey is so popular, there's also no doubt a lot of resellers will be looking to cash in.

Either way, these items are all great for basing an Easter basket theme on. It would even be fun to pick a particular episode and include items featured in the episode. Thankfully, there is an Easter Bluey episode you can stream as well which served as the Season 2 finale.

Whether you're headed to Walmart for groceries or are just running errands there, make sure to stop by the Easter section as you won't be disappointed if you're shopping for a Bluey fan.

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