Is there an Easter episode of Bluey? (2024)

Bluey is an Australian show but is there an Easter episode as of 2024?
Bluey Season 3 Image. Image Credit to Disney/Disney+.
Bluey Season 3 Image. Image Credit to Disney/Disney+. /

Bluey is one of those TV shows that everyone is talking about. The beloved animated series is everywhere right now and with good reason.

If there's one question most people have though, it's about Bluey's holiday episodes. The show has been around for a few years and that's a valid question. Thankfully, we have an answer on where there is a Bluey Easter episode.

You're in luck as there is an Easter episode of Bluey. Entitled "Easter," the episode premiered in 2021 and is still the only Easter episode. Depending on how many more seasons we get, there might be more in the future.

"Easter" served as the Season 2 finale of Bluey and this year, it feels like we're seeing tons of amazing Bluey Easter items out there.

Don't skip the Easter episode of the Bluey Book Reads this year!

If you've already watched "Easter" and need something more this year, then you're in luck as the launch of the Bluey Book Reads series comes at the best time. The series is on YouTube and features some of our favorite celebrities, reading some Bluey stories.

Thankfully, the channel decided to drop a new episode in which Romesh Ranganathan reads the book to all of us. For those who don't know, Romesh Ranganathan is a British comedian and it's nice to see Bluey giving us something new this year. The series has featured some fun readers thus far and no doubt we'll see more in the future.

However, if you're a Bluey fan, then you might be caught up or have already watched the Easter episode. Even so, it's nice to know that there is a huge backlog of episodes to enjoy and plenty of different spring-themed episodes to revisit. Whether you're the one watching Bluey or you have littles in the house, Bluey has you covered for Easter.

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