How many pet owners in the U.S. sleep with their pets according to a recent survey

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Many people treat pets as part of the family, ensuring they have the best treatment, including sleeping beside them. While this offers comfort and stress relief, it poses a few health and hygiene concerns. Despite these considerations, studies indicate that a significant number of Americans sleep with pets in their beds.

What Percentage of Americans Sleep With Their Pets?

The new study from MattressNextDay revealed that 74% of dog owners and 55% of cat owners sleep with their pets in bed. Around 89% of Missouri dog owners sleep with their pets, making it the U.S. state with the highest number of owners sleeping with their dogs. Michigan follows closely, with 83% of residents saying they share a bed with their furry friends.

Here are the U.S. states with the highest number of owners sleeping with dogs:

  • Missouri - 89%
  • Michigan - 83%
  • Oklahoma - 82%
  • Indiana - 82%
  • Washington - 82%
  • Arizona - 81%
  • Ohio - 79%
  • Wisconsin - 79%
  • Florida - 78%
  • South Carolina - 78%
  • Illinois - 77%
  • Pennsylvania - 77%
  • California - 75%
  • Texas - 74%
  • Kentucky - 72%

Around 46.5 million households have pet cats, making it the second most popular pet in the nation. These feline creatures make great companions because they are independent thinkers and affectionate despite their calm nature. Here are the U.S. states with the most cat owners sleeping with their pets:

  • Oregon - 74%
  • Alabama - 70%
  • Oklahoma - 68%
  • Georgia - 68%
  • New York - 61%
  • Florida - 60%
  • Colorado - 58%
  • New Jersey - 58%
  • Texas - 57%
  • North Carolina - 57%
  • Kentucky - 56%
  • Tennessee - 56%
  • Michigan - 54%
  • Indiana - 54%
  • California - 54%

Is It Safe to Sleep With Pets in the Bed?

Given the many Americans letting their pets sleep with them, compelling reasons must drive this choice. For most dog owners, co-sleeping helps reduce stress, anxiety and loneliness. Pets provide great emotional support, even though your pet is not an Emotional Support Animal (ESA). The case is different for small pets, such as hamsters. Some animals are not easily potty trained and like to nibble on things, so sleeping together isn’t ideal.

Since most people sleep with dogs and cats, it’s safe to say that co-sleeping with a pet brings many benefits, including:


Pets, especially dogs, can provide safety and protection. For instance, service dogs are trained to provide emotional support for people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They can be trained to wake their owners from nightmares and comfort them. Nighttime cuddles with pets can help lower stress levels and trigger the production of feel-good hormones.

Heightened Immunity

Your pet’s presence contributes to the makeup of bacteria in your home, affecting the immunity of everyone inside the house. Having a pet is beneficial if you have a child, as it can help boost their developing immune system. Seven-year-olds living in houses as infants are less likely to get allergies and asthma.

Added Warmth

Your pet can help you stay warm on chilly nights. Pets are natural sources of warmth, so having them by your side can provide comfort in this way as well. Additionally, they can also help you deal with rough mornings better. Their presence and warmth can motivate you to start the day right.

What Are the Risks of Sleeping With a Pet?

While many pet owners enjoy the companionship and comfort of their furry friends at night, weighing these advantages against the potential risks is essential.

Disturbed Sleep

Dogs and cats aren’t the best sleeping companions. They groom themselves, scratch their backs, kick and even snore, which might be a nuisance when you’re a light sleeper.

Heightened Risk of Injury

Some pets react by snapping or snarling when disturbed, which can be dangerous if you accidentally nudge them while shifting positions. If your pet tends to snap at you, it might be better when they sleep anywhere but your bed.

How to Share a Bed With Your Pet Responsibly

Here’s how you can enjoy quality and healthy sleep with your pet.

Invest in a Great Mattress

Purchase a mattress large enough to accommodate you and your pet adequately. More importantly, look for something that can last you for years. You might find the right product on MattressNextDay — an online mattress retailer selling over 1000 bed items. The shop’s CEO, Martin Seeley, is a professional sleep expert, so you can guarantee that the items are crafted with people’s comfort in mind.

Wash Sheets Regularly

Replace your bedding regularly to prevent the spread of disease-causing germs and promote a comfortable night's rest. If your pet spends time outside, wipe down their paws and coat to eliminate outdoor dirt and allergens from your bed.

Stay Up-to-Date on Vaccinations

Ensure your pet has all the necessary vaccinations to protect them and you from unwanted illnesses.  Maintain flea and tick treatments, if any, to keep your bed free from parasites.

Sleep Well With Your Pet

Considering the high percentage of Americans sleeping with their pets, it’s evident that sharing a bed with pets is a common practice. Despite its drawbacks, implementing the tips mentioned above can help you and your pet get safe and sound sleep every night.

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