Henry Cavill's dog Kal approved his Argylle cat co-star: "I'll allow it"

Cavill's American Akita Kal shockingly is capable of human speech, it turns out.
"Argylle" World Premiere - Arrivals
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Henry Cavill – best known as Superman, The Witcher, and the guy who reloaded his arms in that Mission: Impossible movie – is also a dog owner. So it’s no surprise that when co-starring with a cat in the upcoming movie Argylle, Cavill first had to check with his faithful companion.

“Well, thankfully I had [in] my contract not to have too much interaction with the cat,” Cavill told Collider during a recent interview for the movie. “And so Kal went, ‘that's fine. I'll allow it.’”

While it’s a bit of a jaw-dropper that Cavill casually revealed his dog is capable of human speech, it’s far more likely his dry sense of humor (?) is coming through here. And when prompted about his “very large dog” Cavill noted that Kal was upstairs, and sadly not part of the rest of the interview, which talks about the movie, coming out on February 2, 2024, but blah, blah, blah, who cares, let’s talk more about Henry Cavill’s dog, Kal.

If you’re even casually familiar with Superman lore, you know that Kal-El is the hero’s Kryptonian name. And if you thought Kal was named after Cavill’s role in Man of Steel? You’d be right. The movie came out in 2013, and Cavill adopted Kal as a puppy in 2014.

Henry Cavill, Kal
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The American Akita pup was adopted by Cavill and his at-the-time girlfriend Gina Carano from a breeder in Arkansas named Big Bear Akitas. That’s around the time Cavill was basking in the, er, mixed reaction to Man of Steel, and getting ready for the release of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

"Both Henry and Gina are genuine and a joy to be around," Big Bear Akitas told People at the time. "It was truly an honor to add them to our extended family and thank them for their patience in meeting us and our children. It's not everyday that an A-list celebrity, much less 2 celebrities, come to Beebe, AR to visit."

According to Cavill, Kal was there to help him with the stress of being an actor, and he even took him with him to work out at the gym – and yes, on interviews (though sadly not the one noted above).

While promoting The Witcher Season 2 in 2019, Cavill discussed his bond with Kal on the talk show Lorraine, and credited his positive mental health entirely to the doggo.

“He really is (my best friend),” told host Lorraine Kelly while stroking Kal’s gorgeous fur. “We go everywhere together. He’s 8 now and he has saved my emotional, psychological bacon plenty of times.”

Here’s hoping Argylle is a success, so we can get Cavill to co-star with Kal in the sequel!

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