Have a spa day with your pet with the help of BARK

Nutrish's Yappie Hour Presented By BarkBox Hosted By Rachael Ray - 2015 Food Network & Cooking
Nutrish's Yappie Hour Presented By BarkBox Hosted By Rachael Ray - 2015 Food Network & Cooking / Sergi Alexander/GettyImages

BarkBox has had a themed box for just about everything under the sun, but they still come out with new ones! What's their newest theme? It's all about the rest and relaxation of the spa! Like your pet doesn't get spoiled enough. Now, they can have a spa-themed box from BARK.

What does the box include? So much! First up is the Pure Pup Juice Cleanse. Don't worry! You aren't actually putting your dog on a cleanse. It's a squeaky toy with crinkle material inside, and it looks just like a bottle of juice that would cost you $20 at Whole Foods.

Next up is the Mutt Mask! What would a spa day be without a good facial mask?? This one is a squeaky toy that opens up to reveal the plushy mud inside. You can even hide a treat in it and watch as your dog gobbles it up.

Possibly the cutest toy in the box is the Swedish Moosage! It looks like a mix between a cow and a unicorn. It's another squeaky toy that they can throw around to get out all their aggressions. You can even hide a treat in the cow's towel for an extra snack!

BARK is heading to the spa with their new subscription box theme

What would a spa be without a succulent or two? Or should I say Squeakulent! This cute AF toy looks just like a baby cacti in a pot and has a happy little face. It also comes with crinkle material and a squeaker for good measure.

Time to calm down with Relax and Chinchilla! This plush toy is rolled up in a towel under which the chinchilla is hiding a bottle of water. It could not be cuter if it tried! It includes a squeaker so your dog is sure to fall in love with it.

Say hello to Shauna in the Sauna! This sheep toy is also wrapped up in a towel and is ready to become your pupper's new best friend.

A spa is nothing without some candles and BARK added a special Aro-mutt-therapy Candle to May's box. It has a squeaker inside (of course) and is the only way some of us will ever have a candle in our homes with dogs or cats running around.

Boost your pups style with some Nail Pawlish! This toy is bright pink and looks just like a plushy bottle of nail polish. It's perfect for hiding a treat (or two) inside and as you might expect by now...it squeaks!

Some of the other toys you can add to May's box include Glow Up Goose, Otterly Relaxed, and Squeaky Clean Irish Springer Soap.

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