BARK features Sesame Street dog toys perfect for your pup

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It's time to head to Sesame Street with your doggo! BARK has recently come out with a bunch of different dog toys based on everyone's favorite children's show. And just about all the characters are represented.

Let's start with Elmo! There are three different Elmo toys. The first is the plushy Elmo pretzel with a squeaker inside for only $4.99 (it's ridiculously cute!), an Elmo plushy ball, and an Elmo hand puppet. The last two are currently sold out, but they may be coming back soon.

On to Big Bird! There are two different Big Bird toys. The first is a Big Bird ice cream cone for only $5.99 and a Big Bird plastic toy for $11.99. The plastic toy isn't a super chew toy, but if your dog isn't a heavy chewer, it could be a great toy for them.

What about Bert and Ernie? There is an Ernie shaped like a burger for only $5.99. It's a plushy and has a squeaker inside. The Bert toy is shaped like a hotdog and also includes a squeaker inside. It's also only $5.99. If you get both, that's only $11 for two toys! And don't you have to get both of them? You need to keep them together.

Sesame Street toys now available at BARK

There are also two Cookie Monster toys and an Oscar the Grouch trashcan toy, but, again, they are currently sold out. But if you provide your email, they will let you know when the toys come back in stock.

If you're more interested in the BARK box, the current themes they are running include Barkbuster Movie Night with a bunch of movie theater-related toys, SpongeBob SquarePants, Drive-Thru with a ton of different fast food-themed goodies, and even a sea-related box. Just pick the one that speaks to you (or your dog) the most.

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