Goldendoodle fills guts in unusual spending frenzy

Dogs get into odd items all the time. One goldendoodle took things a step further!
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One Goldendoodle named Cecil engaged in common activity for dogs throughout all households. However, it's safe to say that Cecil took eating something inappropriate to the next level! When owner Clayton Law discovered that their beloved Cecil had eaten $4,000 worth of cash an understandable panic set in!

Calling for his wife, Carrie Law shared what was going through her mind in the moment, "I ran in, thinking I had to have heard him wrong, but when I saw the mess, there was no doubt."

Through a couple of days process of waiting for Cecil to do his business and cleaning through the mess most of the money found it's way to an understanding bank. Luckily for the Law family, after the funds had passed their the digestive account of the goldendoodle, all but $450 were able to be recovered.

Though it involved something of a painstaking process, intact bills containing serial numbers were accepted after being cleaned and pieced together. A fact that would stand regardless of the bizarre situation, seeing as financial institutions generally accept money that at least as half remaining.

Goldendoodle costly act thankfully with harmless results

Despite the initial scare, Cecil was fortunate that his size allowed for this event to largely result in unaffected health. While the Goldendoodle did snatch the envelope of money from a high counter space, how often had fellow dog owners encountered their furry friend doing something that they shouldn't have?

In a common occurrence it is always important to monitor your dog's health and to call your vet, just like the Law's did, if something potentially hazardous is swallowed. Hopefully for for you sake, next time your Goldendoodle or other fellow fury friend gets into something that they shouldn't it isn't something with near the price tag as what the Law family encountered!

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