Don't miss this adorable clip from The Snoopy Show

Ahead of Camp Snoopy, don't miss this clip from The Snoopy Show.
Camp Snoopy key art - credit: Apple TV+
Camp Snoopy key art - credit: Apple TV+ /

If there's one thing I can give Apple, it's that the company is giving us loads of Peanuts content. Given how beloved Snoopy is, this feels even more appropriate.

Most notably, we're going to be getting a new Snoopy series called Camp Snoopy. This is all about Snoopy and his troop of Beagle Scouts as they're going to camp with Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang.

However, before we get there, Snoopy's official YouTube channel is getting us ready for that as there have been many Snoopy and Beagle Scout uploads. In looking at all of them, the one I wanted to share was the official "How to Be a Beagle Scout" clip as it's just too adorable to ignore.

Whether you're excited about Camp Snoopy or just love Snoopy and his Beagle Scouts, then you won't want to miss this clip.

This Snoopy Show clip has us excited for Camp Snoopy.

Just under 5 minutes, this clip does a great job of introducing us to the Beagle Scouts and their leader aka Snoopy. Let's start with the first Beagle Scout Badge Opportunity which is "Identifying Footprints." While Snoopy tries to get his Beagle Scouts to figure out which animal made it, things get a little scarier than they imagine.

The next badge opportunity is "Tracking in Nature Through the Sense of Smell." I mean obviously Snoopy would be great at this, but his Beagle Scouts end up being the cause of it. Next, we have "Understanding Nature through Sound" and once again, Snoopy's Beagle Scouts are working on something else entirely.

While I don't want to give away what happens in the entire clip, you'll have to watch to find out. All I'll say is that these lessons come full circle and it's incredibly cute. Honestly, I think this gives us a good idea of what Camp Snoopy will be like and I'm even more excited for it now.

Camp Snoopy is being released on Apple TV+ on June 14th, 2024. You can stream all episodes of The Snoopy Show on Apple TV+.

Are you excited for Camp Snoopy? Let us know your favorite Peanuts holiday special.

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