Does Taylor Swift bring her cats on tour with her?

Taylor Swift is a devoted cat mom, so are the cats on The Eras Tour with her?
Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Lyon, France
Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Lyon, France / John Shearer/TAS24/GettyImages

The Eras Tour is easily one of the biggest concert tours ever and Taylor Swift is the mastermind behind all of it. However, she's also a cat mom.

For those who don't know, Taylor Swift has three cats: Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button. Swift took inspiration from 3 of her favorite characters and decided to name her cats. As someone who named their cat Belle, I really can't say much.

Swift has posted about her cats in the past, shared photos of them and even, adopted Benjamin Button due to a music video. Overall it's clear Taylor Swift loves her cats, which is why most of us are curious about where they are during the Eras Tour?

With such a huge question to think of, it's honestly hard to be able to pinpoint an answer or find any confirmation from Swift.

Does Taylor Swift travel with her cats on tour?

Let me start by saying that this is a question a lot of Swifties have and honestly, I'm pretty curious myself. However, in looking things up, I can't find a conclusive answer on if Swift does or not. On Reddit, some people are saying yes while others are saying absolutely not and others are just sharing their thoughts on how cute Taylor Swift's cats are.

As someone who has cats, I can't imagine Taylor Swift not traveling with her cats so I'm sure she either has someone watching them while she's away or she decides to bring them along. Either option is good but ultimately, it's Taylor's choice. She knows her cats and how much they can and can't handle so it's honestly unclear which would be the better fit.

Either way, it feels like Taylor would want her cats with her as some extra comfort so I feel like Meredith, Olivia, and Benjamin are probably on tour with her. If they're not, I'm sure someone Taylor loves and trusts is watching them. But if she doesn't and needs one, hey Taylor! I'm free and would love to be your cat sitter/bestie.

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