Do your dogs love watching Bluey? Then you're not alone!

Bluey is a favorite among families but dogs are also enjoying seeing a canine on screen.
Bluey Season 3 Episode: "The Sign" Image. Image Credit to Ludo Studio.
Bluey Season 3 Episode: "The Sign" Image. Image Credit to Ludo Studio. /

Bluey is one of those TV series that everyone seems to love. No matter if you're two or four-legged, everyone wants to get a little glimpse of Bluey.

For the most part, a lot of us think about watching Bluey and just put it on. Whether it's for the kids or just for ourselves, it's something to keep us entertained and even shed a tear or two. Even so, your pups might also be Bluey lovers.

In a recent article shared by People, an expert shared the reason why Bluey is such a favorite among its fellow canine viewers. While this idea might not have crossed your mind before now, the show does cater to various audiences including dogs.

If you're one of those people who leaves the TV on for your dog or your dog just enjoys having the TV on, then Bluey might be a good one to play for them.

Bluey is a surprising hit among dogs for these reasons.

As shared in the article, Amanda Farah talked about the reasons why the show might be appealing to a canine audience. The first reason is that dogs can see the colors featured on the show. While that might seem like a small detail, it can mean a world of difference for them. Since the show mostly uses blue and yellow, it could mean dogs can see those colors more although this hasn't been proven completely. All in all, it's something of note.

In addition, the characters are always doing something, and for dogs, that can be an enjoyable experience. As someone who has a smaller dog, I can remember how rambunctious she would get when people would move around. Seeing her attention dart around like that would almost certainly be a great quality when watching Bluey.

While Amanda goes on to share some other reasons, there are a few that stick out which are the higher-pitched sounds, the different accents, and the fact that the show is about dogs. While those reasons are all really cool, the one that I couldn't help but zero in on is the fact that dogs want to watch shows featuring dogs. Your dogs might be able to recognize the other dogs on the TV and there's just something really fun about that.

Bluey is currently streaming on Disney+ for you and your pup to enjoy!

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