This disabled duckling will give you a cuteness overload as she watches Bluey

This adorable duckling is having the best time, watching Bluey.
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In a recent video shared on TikTok, it's clear everyone is enjoying Bluey. Even this adorable disabled duck is getting in on the fun.

Posted by the user "Foreverland Farm," you can see videos featuring the fuzzy duckling but of course, we're all here for Bluey. However, the thing I found most interesting is that in the clip, she shared that the little duckling cannot walk.

Due to that, they want to do as much as they can to make her life a bit more enjoyable and one of those ways is letting her watch Bluey. She's also eating some strawberries in the clip and frankly, what's more enjoyable than that?

Even though the video is only 6 seconds long, it's just too adorable to not watch and there is something so utterly adorable about watching this duckling live her best life.

This adorable disabled duckling is a Bluey fan!

Ducklings are adorable on their own but seeing this one pass the time eating strawberries and enjoying Bluey is too much to handle. The big question is if this little duckling has seen the duck cake episode of Bluey. Then again, maybe it's caretakers already have a Bluey Duck Cake planned for them in the future.

If you're not familiar, there was once a Bluey Duck cake that was featured in Season 2, Episode 44 of the series. Given that the cake was made for Bingo's birthday, maybe we'll see a duck cake pop up for her birthday. All in all, this TikTok was too cute and gave us a look at how this duck is spending her days in a non-traditional fashion.

In the article shared by Parade Pets, the author shared the owner's comment that this little duckling will be getting her own wheelchair here soon. Hopefully, we'll see her zooming around on TikTok and still enjoying Bluey.

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