Bluey Minisodes: 4 characters we want to see in the shorts

Rejoice! We're getting more Bluey with some new Minisodes.
Bluey Minisodes
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If there's one thing no one will complain about, it's more Bluey. The series has truly taken on a life of its own.

That's why I was so excited to see the announcement about the upcoming Bluey Minisodes. These are shorter episodes of Bluey and will be dropping this summer. As you might imagine, the episodes will drop first in Australia before heading to other countries.

Thankfully for those of us subscribed to Disney+, we won't have to miss a minute of Bluey and until Season 4 is confirmed, we need something. It's such a funny juxtaposition to go from talking about a longer Bluey episode to us getting shorter episodes.

In the blog post shared on the Bluey website, "The new ‘Minisodes’ are a collection of funny and sweet moments with the Heeler family. There will be some new characters alongside fan favorites, including Unicorse, Nana and Bob Heeler, with Dad getting a ‘tattoo’ and even a special look inside Bluey and Bingo’s dreamhouse from ‘Escape." Due to that, I wanted to share some characters I'd like to see pop up.

These 4 Bluey characters need to appear in upcoming Minisodes.

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1. Aunt Brandy

If you've watched "The Sign," you'll know why Aunt Brandy made my list. However, if you haven't, then you're in for a very big surprise. I feel like Aunt Brandy has such a unique story within the story and I'd love to see what things look like for her in a minisode. Plus, I think it would be fun to see a short of Bingo, Bluey, Chili and Aunt Brandy all spending time together as sort of a girl's day.

2. Snickers

I feel like I speak for the Bluey fans when I say that we want more Snickers. Not only is he the most adorable thing ever, but him wanting to be a reporter... Absolutely darling! However, the description of him on the Bluey website makes me want to know even more: "Snickers loves cupcakes, water blasters, pretending to be a news reporter for K9 News and most of all, being a sausage dog!" I don't know about you but I want to see even more segments like the one featured above because they're just so fun.

3. Aunt Frisky and Uncle Rad

Okay, maybe "The Sign" spoiled me but I absolutely loved seeing Frisky and Rad's wedding so I want to see more of them. The episode truly made me smile and love these two even more. That's why I'd like to see either a minisode dedicated to these two having a sleepover with Bingo and Bluey or just see an episode where they hang out with Chili and Bandit. I don't know about you but these two captured my heart so I want more!

4. Dusty

Last but certainly not least, one character we don't know much about is Rusty's sister: Dusty. She is featured at the very end of "Cricket" and that's the first and only time we've seen her. I don't know about you, but she was too cute to ignore. Maybe it's because of her and Rusty's close bond, but I'd love to learn more about her and Rusty's family. While we did get a peek, I feel like there's much more to explore. Then again, the Bluey writers always tend to surprise us.

Which characters would you like to see appear in the new Bluey Minisodes?

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