Bluey drops a party pack ahead of the premiere of "The Sign"

Get ready for "The Sign" by using Bluey's party guide.
Bluey "The Sign" key art - credit: Disney
Bluey "The Sign" key art - credit: Disney /

When it comes to highly-anticipated events, nothing is topping "The Sign" for Bluey fans. The series is finally getting a long-form episode and we're all here for it.

I feel like even non-Bluey fans know about this big event. Frankly, I've been thinking about this episode since it was announced and have been counting down the days until it premieres.

Thankfully, Bluey's official website knows just how excited we are and decided to drop its "The Sign: Bluey Party Pack!" which is exactly as it sounds. It's everything you need to be able to host your very own watch party for "The Sign."

Whether you're planning something for your favorite Bluey fan or are just excited to watch, then these crafts-themed around "The Sign" will make your watch party even cooler.

Get ready for "The Sign" by doing some Bluey-themed crafts.

"The Sign" is already being toted as the Biggest Ever Bluey so what's not to be excited about? First is the thing most of us have been thinking about and that's invitations. Unless you're a Bluey newsletter subscriber, you have yet to see what's on them. Thankfully, I subscribed right before the drop.

Due to that, the show shared special "The Sign: Invitations" to help you invite your friends and family to enjoy the episode with you. Frankly, I think this idea is too cute to ignore so I had to include it. Then there are also Cupcake Toppers and Place Cards which play into the wedding theme which is something everyone has been buzzing about. The cupcake toppers feature some of our favorite characters including Bluey, Bingo, Muffin, and Socks.

Last but certainly not least, the series shared one more decoration to make your home even more ready for "The Sign." This banner or party bunting as said on the website will add even more Bluey goodness to your watch party. Plus it features the same characters as the cupcake toppers so you'll be on theme.

No matter if you're settling in to watch the episode with cupcakes, have a special meal planned, or just want a reason to celebrate, the series has plenty of ideas to choose from. All in all, this gets me even more excited to watch "The Sign" and I hope it ends up being as great as the previews are making it out to be.

"The Sign" will premiere on Disney+ on April 14th, 2024.

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