Are viewers being too critical when it comes to Bluey?

Are the adult Bluey watchers expecting too much from the series?
Bluey Season 3 Episode: "The Sign" Image. Image Credit to Ludo Studio.
Bluey Season 3 Episode: "The Sign" Image. Image Credit to Ludo Studio. /

There is something utterly delightful about the Australian children's series Bluey. The show has gone beyond the outback and into the homes of millions around the world.

Created by Joe Brumm, the series follows the titular character, Bluey, and the rest of her family including her parents and little sister: Bingo. We see the world from her eyes while also learning more about her, her family, friends and everything going on in her daily life.

Given how huge the series has become, there are a lot more viewers than just the target audience. Of course, we have parents who are watching it with their little ones while others are childfree and enjoying the series. However, it seems like things are getting more and more critical.

Considering that Bluey first premiered in 2018, the show has blown up in popularity and it feels like people are becoming a bit more critical than most would normally be.

Is Bluey being criticized too much by its adult viewers?

There are certain shows that have crossover appeal and Bluey is one of them. Even with other shows, it feels like a lot of unnecessary criticism is being loped at Bluey. Frankly, it feels incredibly uncalled for, and honestly, it's starting to completely cloud what the show is.

If you google Bluey and search news, there are some talks about the new Bluey Minisodes but there are also people talking about how they have problems with certain episodes, characters, or just choices made by the show's team. Regardless, it honestly feels like people are loaded and locked and ready to take down Bluey.

First, I think it's important to note that yes, Bluey has tackled some nuanced topics and themes, but at its core, it's a show for children. The messages are going to be simple and easy, making it perfect for kids to understand. In addition, the show doesn't take itself too seriously which is a problem I'm noticing more and more with its more adult audience. People are so quick to talk about where Bluey falls short rather than focus on the things it's doing right or building up on to help its young fanbase.

In particular, there has been a lot of criticism towards "The Sign." For the few people who haven't watched, the entire episode focuses on Frisky and Rad's wedding set amidst the backdrop of the Heeler family moving for Bandit's new job. While it was going to be sad to say goodbye to the Heeler home, it was a necessary step for the family. The series ended up turning the tables and not having the family move but instead, stay put. Most fans were happy about the Heeler family not moving while others were annoyed at the sudden change.

After "The Sign," it feels like a line needs to be drawn as Bluey is and always will be a show for kids. It is made with kids in mind and made for them to enjoy. As much as all of us enjoy it, the show wasn't made with an adult audience in mind. Yes, you can have your feelings and opinions on the series, but at the end of the day, it's a show for kids and Bluey will continue to cater to that demographic.

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