Chewy Claus grants a Christmas wish for Maestro and it’s amazing

Paralyzed cat receives holiday wish to walk again. Image Credit to Chewy.
Paralyzed cat receives holiday wish to walk again. Image Credit to Chewy. /

Chewy is once again making a difference with Chewy Claus which is a way for pets to get what they need this holiday season. While they’ve already granted a few wishes, I had to write about Maestro.

Maestro’s mom, Amanda wrote to Chewy about getting a wheelchair for Maestro. Amanda already has a big heart as she’s fostered many cats both now and in the past so she knows how much this would mean to Maestro.

The main reason why she wanted Chewy Claus to bring him this was to not only help him but also make it easier for him to run and play with the other cats. Considering that it’s almost Christmas, cats tend to get into everything and why should Maestro lose out on all the fun?

Seeing Maestro’s wish come true is enough to bring a tear to your eye and make you want to snuggle your kitty just a little bit closer.

See the video of Chewy Claus granting Maestro’s wish.

I don’t know about you, but I just adored, watching this video. It’s clear how much Amanda loves and cares for Maestro. He also inspired her to foster other paralyzed cats and give them a chance at a better life. Honestly, there’s just something so heartwarming about her story and it’s obvious Maestro found his forever home with Amanda.

From the moment Amanda puts Maestro in his new wheelchair, he’s off and ready. It’s such a fun and silly moment yet an impactful moment for him. Plus it’s obvious how much love Amanda has for him and that she did all of this to ensure he could do more and have more fun. I mean that’s what we’re all hoping for this holiday season, right?

While his wheelchair was the “big” gift from Chewy, he also got a new bed which I’m sure he’s using a lot more due to how much running around he’s doing. If anything, it probably makes for a longer day for Amanda who has to keep up with him. Nevertheless, it’s fun to see Maestro having fun and to see Chewy Claus grant another Christmas wish this year.

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