Finn releases a Puppy Breath candle that makes a perfect gift for dog lovers

Puppy Breath Candle from Finn
Puppy Breath Candle from Finn /

There is something special about puppy breath. It is an iconic scent and it evokes so many memories for pet parents who have had their pup since that time.

If you have ever held a puppy in your arms and let them give you that sweet little kiss, you know that scent and you know how special it is. And now Finn, the pet care company that is all about helping our dogs live their best lives, has released a special limited edition candle called Puppy Breath.

Just in time for the holidays, you can snag a candle that channels the magic and memories of those early puppy days. While this candle indicates that it smells like puppy breath, I think it is less about the actual scent of a puppy’s breath and more about the innocence and freshness of a young pup.

Finn releases a limited edition Puppy Breath inspired candle

Puppy Breath
Puppy Breath Candle from Finn /

I got the chance to try one of these candles for myself and I have to say that I truly love the smell and the actual container too. This is a cement vessel that can absolutely be used for other things once the candle burned for the last time, which just adds to the overall value of this piece.

For me, the smell is fresh and clean, but not quite as special as a puppy’s breath. It is a great scent, but there is no way to truly capture Puppy Breath as a fragrance. That being said, this is absolutely a must-have for puppy lovers because it is still able to evoke the idea of a puppy and their youthful innocence.

This is perfect as a gift and it is also great if you want to spoil yourself. Basically, this candle is amazing and even if it doesn’t scream Puppy Breath when I sniff it, it’s still a great scent overall.

Will you be snagging this candle for yourself? Are you a fan of a puppy’s breath?

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