Paw Hero from Finn is a winter must-have to protect your pup’s paws

Paw Hero by Finn
Paw Hero by Finn /

With winter nearly upon us, we are already starting to see cold weather and precipitation that can impact our dog’s paws. That’s why we need Paw Hero from Finn in our pet’s arsenal.

But what is Paw Hero? Think of it as a balm for your dog’s paws. Basically, this is a plant-based balm that is made using beeswax, avocado oil, chamomile, aloe, and sarsaparilla. And we use this balm to not only protect our dog’s paws, but also to repair the seasonal damage that can cause them to be uncomfortable, especially during the winter months.

Paw Hero is not only effective in helping our dog’s repair their cracked and dried paws, but it also works to combat itchiness and allergic reactions that they may have. Other uses for this balm include wound car, helping with cuts, dermatitis, hot spots, and more.

Paw Hero is the perfect balm for any dog’s paws

Paw Hero
Paw Hero by Finn /

I will say that this balm is not just about dealing with the effects of ice and rock salt on your pup’s paws, it can also help with dog’s that are often get their paws wet in chlorinated water, walking on the beach, dealing with muddy conditions, and of course the wear and tear of pavement.

As an added bonus for this balm, we can even use it on our dog’s if they have sensitive skin. Basically, this is one of those tools in our arsenal that we can all appreciate as it is great for a wide range of problems and needs, while also being safe for any pup.

At $18, this is a must-have item to keep your dog’s paws in tip-top shape.

Considering our own staff pup has to deal with winter weather and the harsh conditions that accompany the season, we already know how difficult it can be to maintain her paws and keep the salt and ice from causing issues for months at a time. We are pretty excited about Paw Hero and some of the other items from Finn, but at the holidays especially we think these are a must-have.

Have you tried any products from Finn? Have you tried Paw Hero or any other paw balms?

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