Temptations and Misfits teamed up for two gaming experiences for cat lovers

Temptations x Misfits: The Purrrfect Gaming Collab. Image Credit to Temptations.
Temptations x Misfits: The Purrrfect Gaming Collab. Image Credit to Temptations. /

Everyone likes to feel represented in a video game including your cat. This recent collaboration between Temptations and Misfits proves just that.

If you’re a cat lover, then you’re familiar with Temptations as the beloved cat treat brand. If you’re not a gamer, then Misfits might be a mystery. It’s actually a gaming and lifestyle company that works with some awesome creators, brands, and much more.

These two brands decided to come together for an unlikely yet incredibly fun partnership that puts cat parents at the forefront. With two exciting new experiences added to TubNet’s Minecraft Server, you’ll be able to do things you’ve only done in the real world.

Maybe one of those experiences, but hey, who’s counting? Either way, this is almost too cute to share so I won’t wait any longer.

Temptations x Misfits team up for a fun new gaming experience for cat lovers.

I’m sure you’re dying to hear the details about these two experiences. First up is the Purrist which is “an exciting parkour game where players race against the clock to quickly find and collect as many cats as they can.” Honestly, I feel like I could see people trying to do this in real life and I’m not mad about it. Then again, some people do try to collect as many cats as possible.

The other experience is one I can’t stop thinking about and that’s the Temptations Cat Cafe which is “where players can enjoy a shared cat community space with fellow cat-loving players.” All in all, it sounds like a great time and something a lot of cat parents would enjoy. Plus it’s Temptations and we all know how much our cats love them.

You can find all the details on how to play on Misfit’s website. All in all, it seems like it’s pretty easy to get started. Even if you’re not a regular video gamer, you might still be able to get into it and have some fun. Regardless, this idea was too fun not to share and to make sure my fellow cat lovers can feel a bit more at home while they’re gaming.

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