What are the most popular pet costumes for Halloween 2023?

PetSmart releases their 2021 Halloween costume collection for all our pets.
PetSmart releases their 2021 Halloween costume collection for all our pets. /

Halloween has arrived and with it comes all kinds of amazing costumes for adults, children and pets alike. But what are the most popular costumes for our pets at Halloween this year?

We are always curious to see what pet costumes are going to be seen on the trick-or-treating trail. And luckily for us, even if we do not see a lot of dogs heading our way this Halloween, that doesn’t mean that we are missing out (thank you social media).

However, we have been curious about which pet costumes are the most popular this season. And thankfully, we have a top 10 list courtesy of The PetLab Co., which shared with us in a press email what the most searched for costumes were for our dogs this year.

I was actually quite surprised by this particular top 10 list, as I would have expected to see some other characters and franchises represented. And yet, there were some costumes that just made perfect sense for our dogs.

The top 10 most searched for Halloween costumes for 2023

Boohoo Halloween costumes /
  1. Chucky – This killer doll received the most pet costume searches at 6.6 percent.
  2. Ghost – You can never go wrong with a ghost costume and this got 6 percent of the searches.
  3. Grinch – This costume received 5.5 percent of the searches.
  4. Scooby-Doo – Unsurprisingly (to us), this costume made the top 10 with 5.4 percent of searches.
  5. Ewok – These adorable Star Wars characters pulled in 5.1 percent of searches.
  6. Bat – This costume received 5 percent of searches.
  7. Star Wars – This may seem rather generic, but searches for pet costumes from this franchise came in at 4.9 percent.
  8. Spider – Considering how cute our dogs end up looking as giant spiders this was no surprise with 4.8 percent of searches.
  9. Dinosaur – This costume, which can be pretty easy thanks to headpieces from pet stores garnered 3.9 percent of searches.
  10. Zero – For fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas, this costume idea probably comes as no surprise. It actually pulled in 3.7 percent of searches this year

We love these pet costumes for Halloween and we think if you are still looking for a last minute idea for a costume for your dog, these might just be the way to go as well.

Do any of these costumes surprise you when it comes to popularity in 2023? Were you expecting any other costumes, characters, or franchises to appear in this top 10 list? What will your dog be for Halloween this year?

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