Ancestry launches Know Your Pet DNA kit for dogs

Ancestry Launches First Ever Pet product - Know Your Pet DNA. Image Courtesy of Ancestry
Ancestry Launches First Ever Pet product - Know Your Pet DNA. Image Courtesy of Ancestry /

Everyone craves to know where they come from, even our dogs. While that’s not exactly true, Ancestry is hoping so.

While your dog might not know where they came from, you might want to know yourself. Whether it’s due to your curiosity or something to do with your dog’s family tree or behavior, the trusted genealogic service is now catering to your canine.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty darn cool. Honestly, when I first heard about this, the first thing that came to mind was Legally Blonde 2. If you’ve watched the movie, you know that Reese Witherspoon’s character, Elle Woods wants to find her dog’s mother so she can come to her wedding.

Maybe that’s just me, but clearly, Ancestry was thinking something similar or just giving you a chance to know your dog on a deeper level.

Ancestry introduces its first-ever product for pets starting with dogs.

If you’re looking to purchase one, you’re in luck as they’re available now. The price is set at $99.00 to learn more about your Pet’s DNA. Called the “Know Your Pet DNA by Ancestry,” this is an at-home DNA kit that will help you learn more about your pet. Frankly, it’s much more in-depth than I imagined.

With the kit, you’ll learn more about your pet’s different traits which will help you as a pet parent to better understand your pet along with seeing any familial matches within your area and a breakdown of your dog’s exact breed. For those who adopted their dogs from a shelter, this one is always up in the air.

I’m more shocked that Ancestry hasn’t released this before now but there is no better time than the present. We’re always looking to get closer to our pet babies and learning more about their background does just that. Let’s hope the company decides to branch out into other animals because I have a lot of questions about my cats.

Either way, I think this is such a fun idea and would be great for those who are new dog parents or are just genuinely curious about where their pets came from. It’s also nice if you’re struggling to understand a behavior or something in your pup. Maybe it’s in your dog’s genes but of course, you’ll have to order a kit and see.

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