Video Game News: Little Friends Puppy Island is now available to play on Steam and Switch

Dalmatian puppies. (Photo by Peter Thompson/Heritage Images/Getty Images)
Dalmatian puppies. (Photo by Peter Thompson/Heritage Images/Getty Images) /

Everybody loves a good video game. Whether you’re more into action, romance, movies, cooking, and now even dogs, there’s definitely a game out there for everyone! Recently, FireShine Games released a brand new dog-themed video game called Little Friends Puppy Island!

The game combines adventure, puppies, friends, and dressing up – perfect for just about anyone and everyone!

Here’s more info on the brand new video game, Little Friends Puppy Island!

This game is truly all about Puppy Paradise! Here’s what the company themselves had to say all about it:

"“Discover exciting locations, dig up hidden treasures, build and expand your holiday resort, and meet plenty of lovable little friends to care for on your very own un-paw-gettable, tropical island adventure!”"

There are 6 main features within the game and here’s just a short little snippet on all of them:

  • Little Friends on Holiday!
    • Explore an entire tropical island dedicated to taking care of any and all pups
  • Explore Puppy Island!
    • Discover brand new things every day with your dedicated puppy companion
  • Become Puppy Pals!
    • Meet up and take photos with all 9 puppy breeds that you’ll meet
  • Build the Ultimate Puppy Paradise!
    • Discover new things to build different areas and activities to enjoy with everyone
  • Enjoy Puppy Care!
    • Give your pups all that they need to build up all of the necessary ‘life’ skills
  • Dress Up Your Pup!
    • Choose from over 350 different colorful outfits and accessories for your pups

This video game is truly for all of the puppy-lovers out there and let’s be honest, who isn’t a puppy-lover?! This is also a great way to introduce your kids into not only video games, but it will also give them just a tiny little glimpse into what it’s like to take care of a pup and build their own little island empires throughout the game as well!

Little Friends Puppy Island is available now in the US, UK, and Germany and available on two platforms so far, Steam and Switch.

Get your copy for just $39.99 wherever video games are sold!

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What do you think about the brand new video game, Little Friends Puppy Island? Will you or your kids be playing this game? I personally would love to try it out and be able to build my very own puppy island empire! How about you?