Elden Ring player’s dog saves their life accidentally and it’s super impressive

Imagine you’re a popular Twitch streamer and you’re playing Game of the Year Winner from The Game Awards 2022, Elden Ring. Your character is basically a hair’s width away from losing their life and their run being over. Your dog suddenly curious about what you’re doing jumps in and does something that accidentally saves your character’s life.

Meet Yoshi. He’s the real hero of this story, and we’ve just got to say that what he did was super impressive and earned tons of attention from gamers and Twitch viewers everywhere.

Would your dog save your life in a game? Check out this story from a popular Elden Ring streamer on Twitch!

According to Game Rant, a super popular video game news website:

“Released in 2022, Elden Ring is an open-world RPG where players explore the Lands Between and uncover mystical lore, all while battling a host of enemies of bosses.”

Besides Game of The Year, Elden Ring also won three other awards at The 2022 Game Awards including one for game direction, art direction, and even one for the best role playing game.

With all of that being said, I think that it’s pretty safe to say that the creators and everyone else involved in the making, producing, and directing in the game, should be super proud of themselves. All of them.

The game has earned quite high levels of attention from a certain popular Twitch streamer, whose screen name is MissMikkaa. She’s become popular among her viewers for playing and eventually beating Elden Ring with a dance pad. One of her biggest accomplishments is even doing two different games at once and beating both of them, might we add.

Okay back to Yoshi now. Here’s where Yoshi comes in to save the game and ultimately her character’s life, body, and soul in the game.

What happened was actually caught on camera during her stream. It all happened when Yoshi was seen searching for a treat in MissMikkaa’s room. Where was he searching? On the dance pad of course – what she uses to play and numerously beat the game, Elden Ring. He, of course, steps on top of the dance pad. When he does this, MissMikkaa’s character is prompted to hide behind a rock/stone, thanks to Yoshi’s move. This happened just as the dragon that she was fighting started to breathe fire right in her direction. Ultimately, Yoshi’s accidental heroism saved her character’s life because by stepping behind a rock/stone, MissMissaa’s character ended up beating and surviving said dragon attack.

Many viewers responded by telling Yoshi that he’s the best dog ever and a tried and true real hero.

As of just a few days ago, the video has gained just over 208,000 views on Twitter and will for sure be MissMikkaa’s most popular Elden Ring clip of her whole entire lifetime.

We love you so much, Yoshi! What do you make of this video and heroic story of a dog saving his human player’s character’s life in the super popular game of Elden Ring? Let’s talk all about that and so much more down in the comments below! Do you play Elden Ring? Woof, Woof!