Make a Bark-cuterie board with the help of Bocce’s Bakery

Bocce’s Bakery Brings The Farmer’s Market To Your Pup With Their Small Batch Recipes
Bocce’s Bakery Brings The Farmer’s Market To Your Pup With Their Small Batch Recipes /

Have you ever made of charcuterie board for your dog? If you’re looking for some Bark-cuterie Board inspiration, Bocce’s Bakery can help.

Now that the summer season is nearly upon us, it’s time for charcuterie board magic. While charcuterie boards are great all year long, there’s something about a summer charcuterie board that just makes sense. For a lot of us, the heat of summer means less cooking, which is why charcuterie is a great way to cut back on the heat in the kitchen.

And when we are making a charcuterie board for ourselves, you might be inspired to put one together for your dog. In the past, we have talked about different companies that have released their own charcuterie boards for dogs, and we have also talked about companies putting together treats that would work for a charcuterie board for the dog. Now, we are looking to Bocce’s Bakery for some new inspiration.

So what are some of the treats that Bocce’s Bakery recommends for a Barkuterie board?

These are treats that Bocce’s Bakery recommended for a perfect Bark-cuterie Board

Back in February 2023, Bocce’s Bakery posted an Instagram reel where they shared how they would put together a Pup friendly charcuterie board. They shared some of their favorite treats in their lineup, and also recommended garnishing with fruits and vegetables that your dog loves. So what are the treats they recommended?

  • Cheese Biscuits
  • Chicken Grazers
  • Beef Liver and Cheese Crispies
  • Strawberries are Red
  • Protein Bones
  • Blueberries are Blue
  • Wild ‘Berry Biscotti
  • Mud Pie Oh My Training Treats

And while we love all of those treat suggestions, we have a few others from the product lineup that we would also include. Among the treats that our dog loves, there is the Bac ‘n Nutty, Spiced Cake, and the Sunday Roast, all of which would also be a great addition to a Charcuterie Board for our dogs.

Have you ever put together a charcuterie board for your dog? What did you use to create the perfect board for them? And do you plan to do it again?

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