Blue Buffalo recommends the perfect treats for your own Barkuterie Boards

Rosanna Pansino partners with Blue Buffalo on their DIY “Barkuterie” boards. Image courtesy of Blue Buffalo
Rosanna Pansino partners with Blue Buffalo on their DIY “Barkuterie” boards. Image courtesy of Blue Buffalo /

When it comes to spoiling our pups, there is something about treating them to Blue Buffalo dog treats that just makes sense. In fact, when it comes to Blue Buffalo, we expect nothing but the very best for our dogs.

And it also makes sense that we would inspiration from them to create the perfect Barkuterie Boards since they recently partnered with Food Network star Rosanna Pansino to inspire us all to create our own doggy Charcuterie Boards. Considering they have found that a large majority of pet parents (97 percent of the pet owners surveyed) find pleasure in giving their dog a treat, it makes sense that the idea of a Barkuterie Board would peak their interest.

As with normal Charcuterie Boards, with a Barkuterie Board you want an assortment of treats. And since most of these boards are being created for more than one dog, this is a chance to add some variety to the mix.

So what are the dog treats from Blue Buffalo that they recommend?

Blue Buffalo has some suggestions for what treats to use on a DIY Barkuterie Board

On their own dog friendly Charcuterie Boards, Blue Buffalo is using:

  • BLUE Health Bars Bacon, Egg, Cheese
  • BLUE Bits in Chicken flavor
  • BLUE Nudges Grillers Steak
  • BLUE Nudges in Chicken Jerky Cuts
  • Bananas
  • Green Beans
  • Peanut Butter that is free of xylitol
  • carrots

For us, we also recommend some other Blue Buffalo treats that our staff pup loves, such as

  • BLUE Sizzlers Bacon-Style
  • BLUE Health Bars in Pumpkin and Cinnamon
  • BLUE Wilderness the Trail Treats Duck Biscuits
  • BLUE Basics in Salmon & Potato Biscuits
  • BLUE Bits in Tender Beef

Honestly, there are so many options when we consider what to give our dogs when it comes to the Blue Buffalo dog treats. Considering the brand has a wide range of treats and flavors to choose from, you can make amazing Barkuterie Boards for any occasion.

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