Rosanna Pansino partners with Blue Buffalo to help us create “Barkuterie Boards”

Rosanna Pansino partners with Blue Buffalo on their DIY “Barkuterie” boards. Image courtesy of Blue Buffalo
Rosanna Pansino partners with Blue Buffalo on their DIY “Barkuterie” boards. Image courtesy of Blue Buffalo /

If you love food, sweet treats, and the Food Network, then you might know exactly who Rosanna Pansino is. But did you know she is a dog mom?

And as a dog mom, Pansino is always looking for fun ways to include her dogs in things she is doing. From making sure her dogs are part of her gatherings to even bringing them with her to set, there are plenty of ways that one of our favorite foodies makes sure that her dogs are getting all the attention they want and need.

Now, Rosanna Pansino is partnering with Blue Buffalo on the ultimate way to spoil our dogs ahead of the Big Game (you know the one). Considering that Charcuterie Boards have been having a very long moment, even trending on Tik Tok in 2022, it makes sense that Pansino and Blue Buffalo would go all in on the idea of how to create the perfect Barkuterie Board! After all, if we can enjoy Charcuterie, why can’t our pups?

In honor of their partnership, we had the opportunity to chat with Rosanna Pansino, and get some insight into those dog-focused Charcuterie Boards. (While these Barkuterie Boards are do it yourself, both Pansino and Blue Buffalo are here to inspire you and your pup.)

Rosanna Pansino on partnering with Blue Buffalo and making the perfect Barkuterie Board ahead of the Big Game

Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino partners with Blue Buffalo on their DIY “Barkuterie” boards. Image courtesy of Blue Buffalo /

Dog O’Day: What inspired you to work with Blue Buffalo on these Barkuterie Boards?

Rosanna Pansino: “Well, my dogs love them. And I love them because they’re high quality. And they’ve got good ingredients. They’ve got natural ingredients. So I thought it would be the perfect fit. I feel like we’ve got the same values. They love dogs. I love dogs, same page.”

DOD: So before working on these charcuterie boards with Blue Buffalo had you ever created your own charcuterie board for your dogs?

RP: “Yes, I have the funniest story. So just last year, I met some friends who had dogs similar to mine. And we started to get together. It was a really casual thing. And we’d get together every couple of weeks and have brunch and get the dogs together to play together. And it just started growing and growing and growing over this last year. And the last meetup we had 30 Dogs together. And because we started bringing brunch for for all the people, we started bringing treats for the dogs and I thought well let’s make you know little, we’re doing cheese plates and stuff for the humans I said let’s do a little charcuterie board for the dogs. So we started making our charcuterie boards for the dogs.

So I actually started doing this. The last one we did was for Halloween. We did a big Halloween dog party, where we had a dog Halloween costume contest. There was first, second, and third prizes. We went all out.”

Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino partners with Blue Buffalo on their DIY “Barkuterie” boards. Image courtesy of Blue Buffalo /

DOD: What are some of your favorite treats to spoil your pup with?

RP: “Okay, my favorites. I have a few. So I have a few that are like biscuits I’ love to give them but then I also love to give them little fresh fruits. You know, like, my favorite little biscuits that are ready to go, ready made are the little bites. I like the little bites. The Blue Bits. They’re the really teeny ones. They’re the ones that are good for like training your dogs. They’re a smaller size. They’re heart shaped. They’re so cute. They’re my absolute favorite. They’re kind of soft. They’re called Bits, but I call them bites because they’re a little bite size, but they’re a bit.

They have different little flavors, but Blue likes… I have two dogs, I have Blueberry Muffin and Coconut but Blueberry likes the salmon ones. Those are her favorite. I just love her. She will do her three tricks for those salmon ones. She behaves really well when those are out.”

DOD: What are some of the other treats you like since you mentioned you give your dogs fruit?

RP: “I like to give her [Blueberry] biscuits and then I love to give her likes apples and carrots. She loves apples and carrots. Then my sister’s dog loves bananas. I think they’re softer for him. He’s a Shitzu and he’s got very long teeth. And he’s always had very sensitive teeth. So I think for him, he really loves the bananas. I think they’re just really soft for him and those are his favorite but that’s kind of a more picky dog. Coconut is… She’s an interesting gal. I’m still learning what she likes. And I think she’s still trying to figure it out. I can’t quite figure her out. We’re trying different things with her.”

DOD: What’s the best part of being a dog mom for you?

RP: “Oh, everything. I just love having a little companion and growing up, I always wanted a dog. I love animals. But I wasn’t able to have a dog growing up because our schedules were just so busy. We weren’t often at home enough to really give them the amount of attention that they needed. But I had cats growing up. They’re much more independent. So that was kind of a better lifestyle pet to have with our lifestyle growing up but now we’re home. We work from home so much so it’s perfect and now I’m in a place to where I can for work, I can often travel with them, which is a real blessing.

And I’ve also been able to bring them to set a few times. A few of the sets I’ve been on, including the last Food Network show I hosted, The Halloween Cookie Challenge, it was a dog friendly set. And it was so sweet. The director said it was fine for me to bring my dog to set all that. It was so nice. I had never been told that in my life and it just made my heart so happy. And I brought Blueberry and Coconut like every day and it was so much fun and the whole crew loved them and they got like hundreds of pets a day and everyone loved on them and it was just a blast.”

DOD: Finally, if you were a dog, what breed would you be and why?

RP: “Oh my gosh, this is a great question because my boyfriend and I actually talked about this. The other week, I was saying that he would be a Great Dane. That’s completely his personality type. And he said I would be a French Bulldog, the breed we have, because I’m playful. I can be stubborn. But I love being with people. I love making people laugh. And I was short which they’re kind of you know, they’re petite. They have big ribs. So do I.”

If you want to know more about Rosanna Pansino, her dogs, and her partnership with Blue Buffalo, check out both her social media and the Blue Buffalo social media accounts.

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